A Crack in Riverside County’s Armor!

Judge Throws Out Injunction and Labor Board Moves to Set Hearing for an Unfair Practice Charge!

Right on the heels of a State Superior Court Judge throwing out a strike injunction on the grounds that no strike was imminent, the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) has issued a complaint against Riverside County on one of the multiple unfair practice charges we filed with the Board!

PERB has also ordered the County to appear at a settlement conference, the first step in the process to get our complaint heard by a judge. Our charge alleges that the County made unfair staffing decisions unilaterally at RUHS. PERB’s complaint sends a strong message to the County: get back to the bargaining table and work with us to hash out any staffing changes!

We’ve long known that the County loves taking the low road and bargaining in bad faith, and PERB’s complaint will give us the opportunity to land another blow against the County and make them rethink their strategy with 27 more unfair practice charges in the pipeline.

Our back-to-back milestones in the Courtroom and with the Labor Board make it very clear that our strategy to fight back against the County at every level is working.

We can’t let up! We must continue the pressure on the County to drop its no holds barred effort to silence workers and get back the bargaining table immediately.