LA Superior Courts – It’s Time to Invest in Justice

It’s time to prepare for our upcoming bargaining campaign for LA Superior Courts employees. We need to hear from you! It is critically important that we incorporate your voice in this bargaining process. It is only with our unity and participation that we can help restore Court services to our community and invest in justice. You can start getting involved right now by filling out this online bargaining survey or check your mail for a paper survey.


It’s also time to step up and become a part of the bargaining team. This is a great opportunity for members who want to take an active role in our union. We are currently gearing up for bargaining with Bargaining Unit (BU) 860, Legal Processing Unit and 867, Supervisory Unit. Fill out the bargaining team nomination form for your BU then get at least 25 signatures from others in your BU. These nomination forms are due by 5pm on Monday, Nov. 17th, 2017.

The bargaining team nomination process reflects our union’s commitment to transparency and accountability, giving us the chance to send fresh voices to the bargaining table through an open, democratic process. We strongly encourage new members to step forward and join us at the table as we negotiate a new, strong contract for Los Angeles County Superior Court employees.

Now, more than ever, we must work together to make sure that justice is available to all of Los Angeles County, not just a select few. The work we do in the Courts matters. When residents have access to due process, we are investing in our justice system. When our community has access to a fair Court system that is streamlined, our neighborhoods benefit.

It is also critical that we fight to keep our union strong. The forces of greed are determined to crush collective bargaining at every step through their “Right to Work for less” attack – to fool us into giving up our benefits, our retirement security, our workplace protections, and even our right to unionize at all. But we will work together to stop them! We know our value and we know that it’s thanks to the hard work of every single one of us that the Los Angeles Superior Courts are part of a fair and functioning justice system. As individual workers, our power is limited – but as a union, our true power is realized and respected. The classic saying remains true: United we bargain, divided we beg. Remember this as contract bargaining approaches. Even before the “Right to Work for less” attack arrived at our doorstep, our experience with the boss was always consistent:  They were ready to take away whatever they could from us! So we must remain united and vigilant. Our ability to win a fair contract at the bargaining table depends on it – and there is just too much as stake for us to lose everything we’ve fought so hard for over the past years and decades.

We must be prepared for whatever comes our way by ensuring that our union is in the best shape it can be and that’s why we want to hear from you. So please take just a moment to fill out the online survey. The more we hear directly from our membership, the more effectively we can all work together – and together, we win!

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