Agenda ’18 PowerPoint is here … and so is your LA County Bargaining Team Nomination Form!

Many SEIU 721 Brothers and Sisters who attended the Agenda ’18: LA County Bargaining Conference asked for access to the popular Agenda ’18 Presentation, where we outlined the challenges ahead for our union – and our strategy for success.

It’s here! Just click on the image below and a printable version will appear.

Agenda 18 PowerPoint Presentation -- For Website


Lots of Agenda ’18 attendees also asked for access to the latest LA County Bargaining Team Nomination Form.

You can also get that here! Click on the image below and a printable version will appear.

Contract Campaign 2018 LA County Bargaining Team Nominations Form


To all SEIU 721 members who were able to make it to Agenda ’18: Thanks so much for being a part of this very important bargaining process!

For those who couldn’t make it: Don’t hesitate to contact your Worksite Organizer to find out how you can get involved!

There is a lot at stake at LA County in 2018. So let’s be engaged, let’s make our voices heard and let’s stay united. Together, we win!

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Irene Zapata
Irene Zapata

Please sigh me up for the bargaining for our contract thanks my name is Irene Zapata


Hi Irene,
Please fill out the nomination form and follow the directions at the bottom to return it to be included on the ballot.

Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia

Didn’t the LA county contract expire already? When are the negotiations for the new contract going to begin?