Riverside County Officials End 2017 With Another Embarrassing Blow!

California’s Public Employment Relations Board issues complaint against Riverside County for prematurely declaring an impasse at the bargaining table.

Against all odds, Riverside Public workers just got another reason to celebrate this season! The California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) has issued another complaint against the County of Riverside for its Unfair Practices. PERB’s issuance of a complaint corroborates our long-list of claims about the County’s bad-faith tactics at the bargaining table this year.

Throughout the past year, Riverside County has attempted to bulldoze through vital public services and the rights and benefits of public workers – and they have failed.

Despite proposing numerous “take aways” at the bargaining table, to date they have taken zero away from you, your family and the community you serve.

Time and time again the hard-working men and women of Riverside County have fended off the County’s attacks and your resistance is yielding wins against all odds!

This latest triumph sends a clear message that the County prematurely and irresponsibly declared an impasse, and they should return to the table to fix this.

Like every round in this long fight — we will continue to counterpunch to make sure they get back to bargaining immediately.

Stay involved and stay connected to secure a victory in 2018!

Contact Ernesto Guerrero at or 213-590-4705 for more information.