Supervisor Washington’s Great Holiday Escape

For more than a year, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors has refused to bargain in good faith with the thousands of workers who dedicate themselves to making Riverside a great place to live.

To remind the supervisors that their decisions have real affects on real people and their families, SEIU 721 members stopped by their holiday party this week bearing gifts.

First, we dropped off some toys for children for the Spark of Love toy drive.

Then we turned our attention to the tree.

Last week, members made simple ornaments telling their stories – what they do for Riverside County, how the bad faith bargaining could hurt their families, and what the board can do to help.

We hung these ornaments from the Board of Supervisor’s tree as a physical reminder of everyone they’re letting down by refusing to bargain.

Supervisors Jeffries and Washington were present and had to face their employees – which was a little holiday miracle all on its own.

Supervisor Jeffries declined our invitation to hang some ornaments himself, but he did take the time to listen to our concerns.

Supervisor Washington on the other hand…

As soon as Washington saw that SEIU 721 members were present, he used his staffer as a blocker and bolted like a scared rabbit.

Our mission to keep up the pressure on the board of supervisors continues this Friday at the Festival of Lights! Bring your family, enjoy the lights and help us raise up Riverside!

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