Top 5 Items the County of Riverside Wants To Impose On You

From their actions, it seems that County of Riverside negotiators never had any legit intention to bargain in good-faith with frontline workers.

It wasn’t even a year into “negotiations” when the County submitted their “last best” and final offer which was quickly followed up with a premature declaration of impasse.

Here are the 5 top things they want to impose on you:


1. Zero % Increase in Employer’s Health Care Contribution



Some County employees will now be expected to pay as much as $663.73 more per month for family coverage! (click for estimated cost of coverage chart)


2. Raises? Nope.


An independent fact finder recommended across the board raises for frontline workers, but County negotiators are saying nope! Hmmmmm, this is the same County that justified dropping a whopping $41 million on foreign based KPMG!


3. Pay to Park at Work



Workers have gotten attacked and cars broken into, yet the County wants to impose that Employees pay to park at work: $10 to $55/month at the County’s discretion.


4. Step Increase Reductions



Forget the small boost you look forward to every time you hit an anniversary milestone! County negotiators want to impose a reduced step increase from 5.42% to 2.71%. How will the County retain workers when they can’t keep up with the rising costs of living!?


5. More Work With Less Hands


County negotiators rejected our common good proposals to increase staffing levels in key sectors, along with our push to cut revenue waste!

Essentially the County wants you to do more with less while they funnel tax dollars to third-party consultants.


There are many more things they want to impose like eliminating the pre-retirement sick leave cash out and limiting shift differential, and many more items (see their final offer).


How will each of the 5 County Supervisors vote? Whoever votes YES to impose, is basically saying, there’s plenty of money for KMPG but not County Services. 


Remember this in November – elections for County Board of Supervisors are just around the corner.





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Jennifer L keefer

I for one have had my car stolen from the parking lot. One of my fellow workers has had his tailgate stolen two times in the parking lot. Now we walk out further without any protection and you want me to pay! What? This is insane!

S. Bullen

Let’s work on the benefits/health care. I’m currently paying over $500 out of pocket for healthcare for a family of 3. That’s completely insane. Last year, you asked social workers to walk out in support of this issue, but what you failed to tell us is that the medical package was already signed off on, and ironically, the next day, I received my open enrollment packet. Can you start working on the issues before they are already decided. Furthermore, try being transparent about who you’re really advocating for prior to suggesting we walk out.