Breaking News! LASD Top Brass Wants to Meet on Our Wage Theft Demands

The LA County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) thought we would go out with a whimper and not challenge their wage theft. They were wrong.

We rose up and sent a whole slew of emails to LASD and Department of Health Services (DHS) officials. Now we’ve really grabbed their attention.

LASD top brass is asking to meet with us on August 8th to find a resolution to the wage theft issue and we’ve agreed to meet. However, we can’t take our foot off the pedal just yet, let’s continue putting the pressure on LASD until they fix this issue.

Share our e-mail link with co-workers who have not sent the e-mails, and post the link on Facebook.

LASD has backpedaled before on making us whole with the bonus pay—we can’t afford to let up. Stay tuned for more breaking updates on this issue and share the news.

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