LA Superior Court Workers Rally for Quality Court Services


Over 1,000 SEIU 721 and AFSCME LA Superior Court workers rallied outside the Stanley Mosk Courthouse on Thursday to stand up for quality services for our communities. Court workers across LA County, including those in Airport, Alhambra, Antelope Valley, Central Civil West, Chatsworth, Children’s Court, Compton, Downey, East LA, El Monte, Inglewood, Long Beach, Metro, Norwalk, Pasadena, Pomona, Santa Clarita, Santa Monica, Torrance, Van Nuys and West Covina  also rallied in solidarity.

With unprecedented attacks on working people and the public sector, it’s more important than ever for us to stick together and fight for our communities.

Members have been in bargaining for months, and are demanding that LA Superior Court invest in frontline workers and the communities we serve. When the courts were hit with layoffs and furloughs, that meant a reduction in services, and that hurt working families who were now forced to drive across the county to file paperwork, because key services were no longer available at their nearby courthouse.

While paying a traffic ticket in another courthouse would be an annoying inconvenience, it is a much more urgent matter for a mother who is trying to get a temporary restraining order against an abusive partner, or for a parent trying to finalize a messy child custody case that is turning their life and the life of their child upside down.  When you factor in the cost of transportation and the difficulty in being able to take off a full day of work, it means that working families with less money are less likely to seek justice in any matter, and that is a travesty.

During the rally, dozens of members marched with a large “Take a Number” banner, reminding us of the direct connection between what happens at the bargaining table and the services our courts provide. Businesses can’t wait, children can’t wait, victims can’t wait, our communities can’t wait.

Right now, Court workers make a modest salary and many can no longer afford to live in LA and keep up with cost of living increases.  Unless the LA Superior Court is able to increase salaries and benefits, more and more of these workers will leave to find work where the salaries are higher and there is less stress – or they will have to move. By not making the necessary investments, the end result is that our communities are yet again short-changed and have less access to justice.

We will continue fighting for adequate investment in vital court services. Text “SEIU” to 31996 to sign up for text alerts with the latest scoop.

Click here to view rally photos on our SEIU 721 Flickr page.


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Most Court workers can’t even afford a 1 bedroom apartment. Where are our salary increases? And I’m not talking about a meager 2-3% increase that we’ll probably get, but actual increases? I heard a 7% + 7% being floated, but I doubt we’ll get that in two years. From my own perspective as I work in the Court system (won’t say which court specifically) and honestly my patience is done. I can’t do this work for such little pay and am actively looking elsewhere. I can make more money in other county agencies and also with city governments. The court… Read more »

Concerned union member

I showed up on October 18 2018 rally and actually I was very disappointed with the planning. No one in the union stood up to talk to us. To give that speach on the blow horn. It was just make noice for half hour walking back and forth out of the courts way and toss us hot water and a nasty lunch. I was expecting a speach. Some real meaningful speeches. But nothing. With that effort it’s no wonder they don’t take us serious. Maybe if the union would make half as much effort in our wage rally’s as they… Read more »


Time to Strike! The only option we have to show the judges, the clerk of the court, and administration we will not be walk all over. Just that simple.