Back to the Table! Board Feels RN Heat, Keep It Up Over the Weekend

Good news!

In the face of the relentless pressure from our LA County RNs, the County Board of Supervisors has ordered management back to the table over the holiday weekend.

That’s right. As more than 7,000 RNs continue to gear up this weekend for our ULP strike, our bargaining team will be sitting down with County management to see if they’re serious about protecting patient care and ending the County’s chronic retention crisis.

We want to thank the board for taking this positive first step and to remind them over the weekend that, while there may only be a handful of bargaining team members at the table, there are thousands of LA County RNs who have their backs.

Show the board that, holiday weekend or not, we’re ready to stand up for our patients and ourselves by clicking the button below to send an email to your supervisor.

Take Action

Ideally, the board heeds our messages and continues to move forward to protect LA County patients and public. If not, they can expect us on the line bright and early on Tuesday morning.

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