$1K bonus for LA County members in Dec. 14 paychecks (plus 2% retroactive raise!)

These are turning out to be very happy holidays for tens of thousands of LA County employees! That’s because the long-anticipated, one-time $1,000 bonus – which was a result of our successful contract bargaining negotiations – is set to appear on our December 14, 2018 paychecks.

The $1,000 bonus is just one highlight of our strong contract. Over the next three years, we will see salary increases of at least 10.75%. These include:

  • A 7% “general salary movement” increase
  • A 1% increase effective on January 1, 2020
  • An additional 2.75% salary step increase effective on January 1, 2021.

Many SEIU 721 classifications will also receive additional “inequity” salary increases on top of the 10.75%. And remember: We secured guaranteed health and dental coverage, too.

But it gets better! Our first 2% salary increase was set for October 1. So our December 14 paychecks will include a 2% increase retroactive to October 1.

In other words, you will only receive one check on December 14 but the 2% retroactive raise – and your $1,000 bonus – will be added to it. So enjoy the extra cash with your family and friends over the holidays but be mindful that Flex Earnings reductions begin in January.

As you look forward to the New Year – and, inevitably, think of what habits and relationships you should break versus the ones you should strengthen – remember that it was your Union that delivered for you in 2018. Stay union strong, and we’ll keep delivering for you in 2019 and beyond!

You may have questions about your specific pay increase schedule. If so, click here to read your Tentative Agreement for your specific Bargaining Unit. And if you’re a nurse in BUs 311 or 312, click here to read your TA.

NOTE: If you’re a part-time or temporary employee, expect to see a $500 bonus in your December 14 paycheck. That’s because L.A. County management claims that they only intended to give the $1,000 bonus to full-timers. SEIU 721 disputes this interpretation! The agreement reached between SEIU 721 and the County of Los Angeles includes a “1000.00 (one time only bonus) for all units” and does NOT limit it to full-time or permanent employees. So SEIU 721 will be filing a grievance aimed at winning the balance of the $1,000 bonus that was negotiated for ALL bargaining unit members – including part-time and temporary employees. Stay tuned for more information about our efforts to resolve this dispute fairly.

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Marisela Sanchez vidal

I work lacountydeparmentbeachesandharbor I din’trecivednothing12/14/18

Marlene Vazquez

I did not receive my bonus. I was told by payroll I will get it on the next check. Meanwhile employees that are brand new received their bonus. I’m an employee with 8 years of county service

Albert wong

Great job Seiu721

Karin Capodanno

Will I still receive my bonus if I’m currently on disability?


That would infer non dues-paying members do not get the bonus.


What about of I did not receive the bonus or the inceease. What can I do?


What if I payed my dues on October. Do I still get a bonus.


Okay, i started working for the county on March 2016 and been working since then. But this year on April 2018 i went on fmla. But I kept paying my dues till October does that still count for me to get a bonus?

Angry Temp!

I did not receive my bonus because, according to HR, I was not active on Nov 20th. I stopped working on Nov 17th but I’ve been paying dues since September and also in my final paycheck on Dec 1st. Nothing in any of the information I read said anything about a specific timeframe.


I been working for the county since march 2016. But went on fmla on April 2018 and having been back to work but I kept paying my dues till October. Does that count for me to get a bonus?

Carlos R

Please this is a f—/ joke. Those members that were on long term
Leave got the $1000 bonus taken away for health insurance premiums. I paid the extra coverage to include 100% coverage. No one could give a clear explanation as to how to resolve the issue.

Marina Rivera

I retired what is the status of my pay, will this affect retirement. Thank you
Marina Rivera


I definitely see the bonus, THANK YOU! I do not see the 2% retro from Oct. 1st.

Nanci Jimenez

I haven’t receive anything I’m at SEIU member in Los Angeles I work for allied Universal as a security but I’m a memeber of the union

Bethany Rants

What is the Flex Earnings Reduction and how do I know if it applies to me?

Douglas Emert

I’ve received the 1000.00 Bonus but have not received the raise yet (Retro back to Oct 1st). Several of my Co-Workers seem to think this is going to happen in January. Is this correct?

Annie Ohannessian

That is not fair for us either we should be equal it should be equal pay we work as hard as they do. Thank you

Jaleesa Jimenez

I received the bonus but I didn’t get a 2% salary increase. I called HR and they said it was because anybody who made less than $15/hour before July 1, 2018 now makes $15/hour and that the 2% increase doesn’t apply to us. Is this true? I know they miscalculated a handful of items on the salary schedule that was submitted with the BU contracts to BOS on 11/20. I was one of the unlucky few whose salary went down on 12/3 because of the miscalculation until I brought it to HR’s attention and they returned my salary to normal.… Read more »

Corinna Gaskins

I was a full time employee and retired 10/30/2018. Am I entitled to the $1000.00 bonus?