Riverside County Workers Rise Up & Picket!

On Tuesday, Riverside County supervisors Marion Ashley, John Tavaglione and Chuck Washington voted to impose an insulting contract on Riverside County public servants. While the County sits on more than $150 million in reserves, they voted to impose a contract that raises our healthcare costs, cuts our step increases in half, provides no cost of living adjustments and even gives the County the ability to charge us to park at work!

The County’s estimated savings from taking those things away from us? $2.2 million.

That’s right. For 1% of their reserves, the County stuck more than 7,000 workers with a bad deal that’s going to hurt everyone in Riverside going forward.

Let’s call this what it is: union busting.

County management doesn’t like that we’re willing to fight for ourselves, our families and our communities. It was clear from the start when they came to the table with more than 300 takeaways.

They think they can turn us against ourselves and against other county unions. They’ve got another thing coming.

Our union has already filed two new unfair labor practice charges against the County for their imposition shenanigans, and on Thursday we’re going to show them that we’re willing to take the fight from the courtroom to the streets with Workers Rise Up Pickets!

During lunch breaks, Riverside County workers will be picketing outside of their worksites, letting the public know what the County is doing and sending a message to management – “You will not divide us.”

 Workers Rise Up Picket
Lunch Break
December 20th
ALL Riverside County Worksites


We’re going to show the County that what’s really imposing is the workers united!

For picket signs, stickers and more information, contact or (213) 590-4705.

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Joey Aszterbaum

“Riverside County Workers”…so LIUNA, too?

We have got to start planning actions together or we will fall divided. What actions have been taken to coordinate all workers to guarantee a better outcome? Our LIUNA brothers and sisters are staring down their own imposed contract and we need SOLIDARITY.

I’m going to be recruiting every worker at my worksite for this action, and I hope we ALL do.

Riverside County Workers United!

Harrell Transportation

Retired teacher, we dealt with this unfair labor practice the entire time I worked in the public teaching sector; as long as administration care about their own job and the bottom line of their districts you’re never going to find fairness nor common sense approaches to worker rights and fair solutions! Best of luck to you all you’re gonna need it!