County of Ventura Bargaining Team is Set!

You sent in your bargaining team nominations and the new team is ready to fight at the bargaining table to lift up Ventura County!

Over the next weeks your unity and involvement will be crucial to ensure we win a contract that invests in communities by supporting County of Ventura frontline workers.

The greedy forces behind “Right to Work” want to destroy good union jobs and dismantle the public sector. But when we stick together we can stand up for our workplaces, our families and our communities.

Congratulations to the new SEIU 721 County of Ventura bargaining team for throwing their hats into the ring, showing a deep commitment to our union.

Here are the newly elected members of our County of Ventura bargaining team:

Admin Unit
•    Wendy Castro, Medical Office Assistant III (HCA)
•    Edwin Jacob, Coder-Certified (HCA)
•    Marisa Martinez, HS Case Aide II (HSA)
•    Katherine Mountain, Sheriff Fingerprint Specialist (Sheriff)

Professional Unit
•    Rebecca Albarran, HS Client Benefit Spec IV (HSA)
•    Grace Bell, HS Client Benefit Spec III (HSA)
•    Salvador Leanos, Environmental Health Spec IV (RMA)
•    Danielle Montesanto, Admin Assistant I (Sheriff)
•    Erika Villa, Public Defender Investigatr II (Pub. Def.)

Social Workers Unit
•    David Vahidi, HS Child Welfare Soc Wrkr III (HSA)

Supervisory Unit
•    Thomas Adelman, Principal Respiratory Therapst (HCA)
•    Sarah Clancy, Principal Accountant (Library)

Technical Unit
•    Ed Alamillo, Resource Mgmt Agy Tech III (RMA) *
•    Victoria Izquierdo, Sheriff’s Tech Commun Spec I, (Sheriff)
•    Ted (Bear) Perez, Mental Hlth Associate (HCA)

*Ed Alamillo and Brandon Miller (Public Safety Dispatcher II (Fire)) were tied. We had a coin flip and Ed Alamillo won the toss. (updated 4/23/19)

Maintenance and Labor
•    Jose Morales Tamayo, Public Works Maint Worker III (Public Works)

Real time updates
Be the first to know, sign up by texting SEIU to 31996.

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Felipa Lopez

We did not have enough time to vote. 1 week is not enough. Also not everyone got their ballots on time. There are many changes going on with IVR as well as OX IEC that took our time away from this election voting process. Due to low voting, I believe we should have another election .