We Have a Tentative Agreement in L.A. City!

We made it clear through our citywide worksite actions and our march at L.A. City Hall that we were prepared to do whatever it takes to win a fair contract, and it worked!

After hard-fought contract negotiations, we beat back City management’s proposed takeaways to reach a Tentative Agreement on a 3-year contract!

For months, the Mayor and his team were hell-bent on going after our healthcare, but we stopped them in their tracks. We not only protected our healthcare, we also ensured that every single City worker has fully-paid medical and dental coverage.


On top of that, we won 9.65% in raises over the life of the 3-year contract, including a continuance of our 12-step salary structure which the City was going after.

Our collective strength as union workers ready to Fix LA made this happen!

So what’s next? Make sure your union membership is up to date so you can vote on this contract starting on April 15th!

Tentative Agreement Highlights

  • 9.65% in raises over the life of the contract for every worker
  • We maintained the 12-step salary structure
  • We fought off city proposal for members to pay 10% of their health insurance premiums, which means we protected 100% of the cost of health care at the Kaiser Family rate
  • We enhanced Family Leave
  • We protected our overtime pay
  • We put the clamps on outsourcing


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Brian Sibert

Great work to all rep’s!!




What will be the effective date and is there any retroactive pay as we have heard.

Hart B

What about the retro-pay from Oct 2018??!?? Is it still there??

Tony Ruiz

Great work SEIU 721 for protecting all our Recreation and parks Maintenance staff.Job well done ! Thanks !

Anita Meacham

Awesome job!Does fully paid medical and Dental give us what already had or is there increased coverage?

Eric Ramirez

About time the ballots go out!

Lena Downar-Herron

For MOU 8, will the one step movement (retroactive back to January 8, 2018) affect normal step anniversaries?