Member Leaders Pledge to “Reclaim Riverside”

Member leaders in Riverside County met Saturday to strategize a plan to take back our County.

With bargaining on the horizon in just a few months, member leaders learned the lay of the land from regional director Eloy Alvarez, attorney Hannah Weinstein and executive board members Cheylynda Barnard, Christi Bell and Tim Burke and began to the lay the foundation for our next fight.

Legally, the County is required to return to the table in December, but Riverside County members aren’t going to just wait around for that to happen. We’re getting ready for a year of action and building our strength at every worksite across the County.

Members were inspired by keynote speaker Carol O’Neil, of Local 73 in Chicago, who helped her local develop a member to member organizing program that led to the defeat of former Illinois governor Bruce Rauner – one of the architects of right to work for less.

It’s in this spirit that we’re going to Reclaim Riverside! By organizing member to member, we’re going to build the union strong worksites that deliver victories not just at the table and ballot box, but also in our day to day working life.

The meeting also kicked off the bargaining team nomination period. To win a strong contract, we’ll need a strong bargaining team. If you know a leader that needs to represent us at the table, you can nominate them online here: (You can also self-nominate.)

Member leaders also signed Contract Action Team pledge cards. The CATs play a vital role in planning the actions that will make our contract campaign a success and motivating and informing their coworkers about what’s happening and how to get involved. To join the CAT team, email

In a final display of solidarity, members at the Reclaim Riverside Kickoff, signed demand boards that we will deliver to the board of supervisors at a later date. We’re calling for the County to bargain in good faith, put workers and community first and protect children, the elderly and mental health by protecting public servants.

We’re just getting started in Riverside County, so stay tuned and start organizing your coworkers for a fight. Remember, when we fight – we win!


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