Rep. Norma Torres visits LA County DCFS Regional Office in Pomona

Regional Offices throughout LA County’s DCFS network play a pivotal role in keeping the system functioning. So we’re very proud that, today, member leaders at the Regional Office in Pomona held a very productive and informative meeting with Rep. Norma Torres.

We gave her a tour of the facility and answered all her questions about current best practices – including how we are moving away from a reactive system to a proactive system. We discussed DCFS-related challenges in this specific region of LA County, from substance abuse and general neglect to sexual exploitation of minors and the need for bilingual front-line staff.

Rep. Torres expressed concerns about ICE raids and the effects of family separations as well as the need to renew the federal Title IV-E Waiver – which makes a critical difference by bringing in matching funds that pay for all our preventative programs. It’s important to note that LA County went from 70,000 cases pre-waiver to 30,000 cases post-waiver.

So we WILL fight for that waiver to be renewed. And we are pleased that we can count on Rep. Torres to advocate strongly on behalf of the children and families we serve.

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Judy Gee

Was the facility closed for the day? Where are the many, many people and kids? Normally a line to get in. And the screeners and Security? It is a very unorganized place, along with it being hot and smelly. The workers mostly try hard but no one really knows much.