Tri-Counties Union Board in a Box Fall 2019

Union visibility is about making our SEIU 721 presence known at our worksites – especially now that we’ve kicked off bargaining a new, strong contract with the County of Ventura, our largest employer in the Tri-Counties Region.

Union Boards are a designated place where we can post information pertaining to union matters. Having prime real estate at our worksites is something we fought for and won, so it’s important we take full advantage of this right.

We’re also having a Union Board contest, see below.

Download the Union Board in a Box

Each union board has the following elements:

A – Dominant Image – this sets the stage for the look and feel of the board.

B – Union Difference – this answers the question of “What has the union done for you lately?”
and includes just some of the ways having union representation improves our lives.

C – Union Wins – this section highlights recent Tri-Counties victories so members across our union know that when we fight, we win!

D – COPE – this flyer explains COPE, our Committee on Political Education, and informs members about how we can get involved in the union’s political program, and in the upcoming 2020 elections.

E – Open/Miscellaneous Space – here you have an open space for worksite-specific flyers on things that are currently happening in your area. If you don’t have a current flyer you can include the ‘Tri-Counties is Union Strong” or “Ventura County is Union Strong’ poster.

F – Your Union Contacts – this section introduces union leaders at each worksite. These can be your stewards, rep excellence leaders, elected Executive Board members for your region, and worksite organizers. You can take pictures of each person and include their names, titles, and contact information.This is important so people know who they need to get in touch with and how to reach them.

G – Union Power at the Capitol – here you will find a roundup of some of the issues our union is working on in Sacramento.


We will be having a contest for worksites with the best boards. We will be looking for creativity, complete information and of course, purple power!

Take a picture of how your board currently looks and then update it with the materials above. Then submit your “Before” and “After” pictures to by November 30th.

The worksite with the best union board display will win a pizza party!