LA County members! Here’s a treat for you, just in time for the holidays.

If you’re an LA County employee who does not work for a Special District, by now, your paycheck should reflect the 2.5% raise that went into effect on Oct. 1, 2019! It’s all part of the 10.75% salary increase we negotiated for our current, three-year contract.

* Note: These January increases are for Options-eligible (full-time permanent) and certain temporary employees only.

Remember: It’s the power of our union that delivers treats like this. So let’s keep fighting to keep our union strong!

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Steven Walrath

I only seen an Hourly bump of .55??? Is that the Raise??? County needs to stop paying salary and start paying hourly they are ripping us off, and we need to get paid Over time after 8 hours and not loose it if we are sick a day!!! Thats total BS!!!!

Rebeca Martinez

What is GRID level?

Rebeca Martinez

I started working at the county on 10/1/16? Since the retention bonus for 3 years of service started on 01/01/19, am I ineligible for the retention bonus ?