LA County Emergency Paid Sick Leave and FMLA Emergency Leave FAQs

LA County members of SEIU 721 had lots of questions after we announced that our union advocated for, and won, 80 hours of Emergency Paid Sick Leave to help us weather the Coronavirus pandemic. We’ve compiled the frequently asked questions. Here are the answers!

Question #1: I heard that we are getting 80 hours of Emergency Paid Sick Leave. When will I be able to use it?
Answer #1: The Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL) will be made available to eligible employees beginning on Wednesday, April 1.

Question #2: How do I know if I’m eligible?
Answer #2: There are several criteria listed in the guidelines. If any of them are met, the employee would be eligible:

  • They are subject to a federal, state, or local quarantine or isolation order related to COVID-19;
  • They have been advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine due to concerns related to COVID-19; or,
  • They are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and are seeking a medical diagnosis.

So, if your health care provider has advised you to stay at home, or if you are seeking a diagnosis, you may use EPSL.

Question #3: Would I have to produce a doctor’s note?
Answer #3: No. The County has waived medical certification during the COVID-19 emergency.

Question #4: Can I use EPSL to care for a family member?
Answer #4: Yes. Employees are entitled to EPSL at 2/3 regular rate of pay if they are unable to work or telework because they are:

  • Caring for an individual who is subject to an isolation order or who has been advised by a health care provider to self-isolate; or,
  • Caring for a child whose school or place of care is closed due to COVID-19 precautions.

Question #5: Are there any dollar limits on EPSL?
Answer #5: Yes. It is $511 per day, if using the EPSL for oneself, or $200 per day if using the EPSL for the care of a family member.

Question #6: What about part-time employees?
Answer #6: Part-time employees are entitled to a pro-rated share of EPSL. For example, a 20 hour/week employee is entitled to 40 hours of EPSL; a 30 hour/week employee is entitled to 60 hours of EPSL.

Question #7: What about FMLA Leave?
Answer #7: Beginning on April 1, the County will also make available to eligible employees up to twelve (12) weeks of FMLA Emergency Leave which can be used for the care of a child under 18 years of age if the child’s school or place of care has been closed due to COVID-19, or if their child care provider is unavailable due to COVID-19.

Question #8: What is the rate of pay for an employee on FMLA Emergency Leave?
Answer #8: An employee is required to use another form of leave, such as EPSL, for the first two weeks. During the next ten (10) weeks, the employee is entitled to 2/3 regular rate of pay.

Question #9: Are there any dollar limits on FMLA Emergency Leave
Answer #9: Yes. It is $200 per day, up to a maximum of $10,000 total.

Question #10: If I am home with my child because his or her school or place of care is closed, or a child care provider is unavailable, do I get paid sick leave, expanded family and medical leave, or both—how do they interact
Answer #10: You may be eligible for both types of leave, but only for a total of twelve weeks of paid leave. You may take both paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave to care for your child whose school or place of care is closed, or child care provider is unavailable, due to COVID-19 related reasons. The Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act provides for an initial two weeks of paid leave. This period thus covers the first ten workdays of expanded family and medical leave, which are otherwise unpaid under the Emergency and Family Medical Leave Expansion Act unless you elect to use existing vacation, personal, or medical or sick leave under your employer’s policy. After the first ten workdays have elapsed, you will receive 2/3 of your regular rate of pay for the hours you would have been scheduled to work in the subsequent ten weeks under the Emergency and Family Medical Leave Expansion Act.

Question #11: May I take my paid sick leave or expanded family and medical leave intermittently while teleworking?
Answer #11: The law doesn’t prohibit this. For example, if your Department allows it, you could telework and use EPSL on alternating days or weeks, as long as you are otherwise eligible for EPSL.

Question #12: Are the paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave requirements retroactive?
Answer #12: No.

Question #13: Are there pay codes for EPSL and FMLA Emergency Leave
Answer #13: Yes. We will notify members when we receive them – so stay tuned.

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Are newly hired full-time employees who are still under probation covered?


EPSL – YES they are.
FMLA Emergency Leave – They need to have been with the County for at least 30 days.


I have been with the county for more than 60 days. I checked with my manager, and she said I did not qualify. Then she referred me to HR. They did not know anything. I spoke with three different people, all of them were clueless about the emergency paid sick leave.

Juan OTenney

I’m having this same issue, my leave manager Josh says he has no clue what I’m speaking of, but the mass county email went out to ALL employees including HR, so what’s the issue with the naive responses to me making me feel like I have no option but go back to work with bronchitis and my asthma. Help.

qichao ji

Are we going to fight to expand EPSL to be retroactive to the start of the COVID-19 outbreak. I was asked to self quarantine by my department director, and PCP, due to my symptoms. I’ve recovered and now back to work. COunty supervisors started asking us to self quarantine on and around middle of March, shouldn’t the EPSL be extended back to the time when management first ask us to self quarantine?


HR 6201, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, upon which EPSL is based, goes into effect on April 1. That is the earliest the County could make it available to employees.


what is stopping the county from allowing EPSL benefits to be retroactive to 3/16/20-3/31/20 pay period for those symptomatic front line employees that followed PCP and LAC management guidelines to self quarantine to protect their coworkers?


They do not get reimbursed therefor benefits cannot be retroactive


where can i find the guidelines??


CEO Sachi Hamai sent an email to all LA County employees yesterday with a link to the guidelines.

Anahita Heidari

I am a new employee and been here for almost 2 months. My kids are home and I don’t know if the 80 hours paid leave or FMLA 2/3 paid emergency leave is applicable to my situation?
I ask the deputy, no one is clear, and no one has an answer.


Yes it is. The only restriction is on the FMLA Leave. In order to be eligible for that you have to have been with the County for at least 30 days.

No One

From my understanding, unless there are any symptoms of Covid-19, both EPL and FMLA are at 2/3 pay-rate?

Karime Valle

Are new employees under probation entitle to EPSL and FMLA leave ? If so, how will be able to go upon requesting our EPSL or FMLA leave.


Yes. See response to above questions. We don’t know exactly what HR will want employees to do. For now, best advice is to contact supervisor and inform them of your situation and that you want to use EPSL or, subsequently, FMLA Emergency Leave.

Non Union Member

Is this leave only applicable to union members? What about Exempt employees who are Megaflex and Flex?


Our understanding is that it is available to all LA County employees

Cheryl proulx

I have a few medical issues that put me at a great risk. Can I use the 80 hours for this?


Yes. You should be able to. Best course of action would be to communicate with your doctor online, and obtain advise to self isolate. The tell your supervisor that upon advice from your health care provider you want to use EPSL.


Please fight to expand EPSL to the start of the outbreak! Both my husband and I are LAC employees/SEIU721 members. We both were symptomatic and quarantined for 2 weeks and are just now returning to work. I’ve been with the county for 12 years and have some 65% time to cover me but my husband has only 6 months of service on 4/1/20, he has no % time and will be AWOP 60+ hours if unable to use EPSL for the 3/16/20-3/31/20 pay period. He’s an RT at LAC+USC, when he fell ill with COVID19 symptoms our multiple attempts to… Read more »


See prior post. Unfortunately, the law that creates EPSL does not go into effect until April 1, and does not allow for retroactivity.


so what recourse is there for SEIU721 members who followed advise by their LAC management and PCP to self quarantine beginning mid-March?


EPSL is not an option prior to April 1, because, technically it does not yet exist. However, there is nothing that prevents Management from placing such employees on paid administrative leave. I believe that is what we could be fighting for. And that could be done retroactively.
Need more details. Please contact me at
Thank you.


Does the FMLA emergency leave apply to nursing? I have heard that it does not apply to nurses. What do we do that have no childcare for our children especially those of us who have children in the high risk category


HR 6201, the law that establishes FMLA Emergency Leave, allows employers to “carve out” or excluse health care workers. Los Angeles County has not done that. There is no prohibition on nurses making use of FMLA Emergency Leave.

Marie Franklin

So what do I do if my job is having problems with Teleworking from home I spoke with them regarding the issue of not being able to get on the Internet for LA my supervisor has no answers for me please inform me what’s next They have the program but don’t know how to assist the employees with it


Marie, where do you work? Do you know who the union steward or worksite organizer is for your workplace? I would contact one of them and ask for help resolving the problem.

Tamara Ford

Is it True if your worksite has no telework are they required to place employees on administrative paid leave?


No. In some departments, some managers have placed certain employees (65+, underlying health conditions) on paid administrative leave. But the County is under no obligation to do so.


When will the payroll code be available? I am pregnant and would like to stay home ASAP. I emailed my supervisor and clerical administrator about not coming in beginning tomorrow and neither has responded to me.


We have asked for the payroll codes, but the County says they will make them available by Thursday. That should not stop eligible employees from utilizing the EPSL starting tomorrow. Notify your supervisor. The pay code can be addressed later.


So all we need to do to use the leave is email our supervisors the codes and thats it? No paper work or online form needs to be done?


We have asked for the payroll codes. The County says that they will be made available on Thursday. This should not stop eligible employees from using EPSL starting tomorrow (Wednesday). Notify your supervisor. The pay code can be dealt with later.


Are employees 65 and over entitled to this leave even without the advice of a medical provider?


The guidelines are not clear on this point. The best course would be to seek a medical provider’s advice to self-isolate. That would leave no doubt. But, employees in this category have already received general encouragement to self-isolate. It is the position of SEIU 721 that this should be enough to entitle the employee to use EPSL. Please keep us informed if this becomes an issue and we will try to help.

Jimmy Calderon

Thanks for all your hard work in getting this much needed benefit due to the current crisis that is affecting all SEIU members,
And also the General Public at large !
Take care All, we will over come.


My supervisor keeps changing telework options on us clerks. At first it was available to staff to telework 3 days out of the week, and go into the office the remaining 2 days. Now they are putting us into 2 different groups as 1 group works comes in everyday this week into the office while group 2 is on telework and the following week group 2 will be in the office while the other group is teleworking from home. When I brought up the issue that schools closed due to this situation and I don’t have child care, I was… Read more »


I informed my supervisor I need to take care of my baby and I need to use FMLA EMERGENCY LEAVE.I know you guys all get the information from union, but we don’t get any guardian from county and we don’t know how to code the time card .Everybody needs to be off to take care of kids! Nobody will come to work then.He asked me to summit the request, but he can not let me know it canna be approved or not.
In this case,what should I do?
Thank you.


You should inform your supervisor that you will be using your EPSL to take care of a child for whom no school or child care is available due to COVID-19 emergency. Management can figure out how to code this after the fact.


Thank you for your advise.
My supervisor told me to request day off, and use my benefit time first. When they figure out how the EPSL work, I am do timecard adjust in the future.So should I use my benefit time for the leave of take care of my baby first?Then do the time adjust ?
Thank you


We’re not being allowed to do that. I just returned from PDL I have a new born who cannot attend child care due to COVID 19 I have asked the leave coordinator at my site as well as my supervisor about the emergency FMLA and they’re saying they’re waiting for further instructions. Monday I will have ti AWOP because they’re clueless. im confused about what further instructions are needed it says here that it can be used for children under 18 if you’ve been employed for at least 30 days. why don’t they know this?

No One

What if there is staff shortage and we are denied the time-off?


If you are an eligible employee under the guidelines, Management can not deny EPSL.


I was hired in Aug 2018. In May 2019 I went on unpaid Medical Leave of Absence and returned in January 2020. I experienced a setback and had to go on leave again in February 2020. My return to work is scheduled for April 2nd, but my doctor had to postpone a procedure I was scheduled to have during my leave because of this outbreak. As of 3/31 my Doctor is now advising me to: 1. Stay home/isolate until I’m able to have and recover from the procedure that was postponed due to the outbreak. 2. And because of the… Read more »


Based on the information that you have provided, you would be eligible for 80 hours of full pay EPSL. However, the FMLA Emergency Leave is for employees who need to care for a child due to school closures.

Sharonne Gantt

Will the EPSL hours show on our leave balance? I checked today and it’s not showing. Also are the 80 hours 100% pay or 2/3 when using it for yourself?


The 80 hours are 100% when using to care for your own health issues. The EPSL will not be added to your regular bank. It will be tracked separately.


May I ask if I want to use FMLA Emergency what form and reason I need to fill out to get approved!


We are still awaiting information from the County on what process/forms they will use. Expecting to receive this information tomorrow. In the meantime you should inform your supervisor that you are using EPSL to take care of a family member. (Before you use FMLA emergency leave, you should first use your two weeks of EPSL.)


I been calling HR and no one seem to know anything. I also have been checking my county email. HR and FMla unit sounded annoyed that people have been calling to ask . What do I say to my supervisor if I want to take this ? She is asking me for something from HR that I sappy for fmla


Yes. We are receiving many reports that Department HR is not prepared to handle the new EPSL and FMLA Emergency Leave. But, the benefit takes effect today. So you should inform your supervisor that you are using it. The time/pay coding can be handled later.

Divya Rao

Is this applicable to members of the LA County Sheriff’s Department as well? I ask cos we’re considered to be first responders, so I’m not sure.


The County guidelines do not exclude any workers.

Divya Rao

Just to add to it, I did discuss EPSL with my supervisor, who took it up to the Sergeant and Lieutenant, and I was told that it may not hold good. I would like some clarification on that. I’m a diabetic, which my supervisor is aware of. He told me a better option might be to get a doctor’s note and see if I can telecommute, but that there’s no guarantee. I do have a phone appointment with my doctor this afternoon.


Yes. If you can get advise from a doctor to self-isolate due to your condition, that may simplify matters.


i am diabetic and have no child care due to school and day care closures, who or where do i call to request EPSL?


The County will be providing to HR departments forms and time/pay codes tomorrow, Thursday. In the meantime, if you need to use EPSL, all you can do is inform your supervisor.


So if I elect to take the 80 hours to be home because my children’s school is closed, I will only get 2/3 of my pay or my full pay foe those 10 days? And then if I further my leave, I will get 2/3 of my pay?


Under the law, you can only receive 100% pay if you are using EPSL to take care of your OWN health condition. If you use EPSL for the care of a family member it is 2/3 pay. After the two weeks of EPSL, you can use up to ten additional weeks of FMLA Emergency Leave, but only for the care of a child who is home due to school closure or unavailability of child care. But this is also at 2/3 pay. What we still don’t know is if you can combine the 2/3 pay with other paid leave that… Read more »


Hi, i am a new employee at Dpss. I just spoke to my HR dept who stated that this is not available for us to use as it has not yet been approved by the Board of Supervisors. How is it stating this is available for us to use when it has not yet been approved??? I need answers as I myself have an underlying condition and just found out my coworkers mother was tested positive for Coronavirus.


Your HR Department is wrong. The new Employee Paid Sick Leave took effect today, April 1. But, it is true that Department HR Managers have not yet been briefed on how to handle requests. That is scheduled to happen tomorrow, at which time they will also receive forms and time/pay codes. In the meantime, if you are eligible and need to be off, you should notify your supervisor that you are sick and want to use EPSL. Keep a record of the fact that you requested EPSL. Your time can always be adjusted after the fact.


Same with DPSS, Not a new worker but spoke to HR since out due to child school closure and was told they have not received official notice so are not changing anything. It’s so frustrating that with all that is going on and the capabilities dept has to allow working from home. They are allowed to use their own discretion dist. by dist. to micro manage as they wish by only allowing telework 2 days a week. It makes no sense if all can be done from home. The County obviously doesn’t take this virus serious enough to protect the… Read more »

Cornelia Hewitt

How does that apply to LIVE-IN PROVIDERS?


The guidelines indicate that it covers ALL County employees.

Yvette Nunez

Would the Emergency Paid Sick Leave apply to a full time employee over 70 years who decide to stay home due to underlying health conditions? The surgeon general is advocating that people over the age of 65 stay home in order to avoid getting the virus because The month of April will be the most dangerous for older citizens with diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Or with this only apply after you have been infected? Would the policy apply to preventive care?


The guidelines are a little unclear on this point. Perhaps the existing general self-isolation guidance that applies to underlying conditions is sufficient (that’s our union’s position, but If you have underlying conditions and can get your health care provider (online) to advise self-isolation, then you are surely eligible.

Yvette Nunez

Is there a form that needs to completed? If so can I get one via email?


Are in Department following ESPL? DPSS GAIN Region VI director is refusing to allow workers use ESPL for those who fall under the categories specified. Workers who have been advised by their healthcare provider are being instructed to provide doctors notes and are being told to use their own time.


The Director is mistaken on two points: 1. As per CEO directive, the EPSL takes effect today, April 1. 2. The County has waived medical certification. It is possible that the County will decide that the waiving of medical certification does not apply to EPSL, but so far, the guidelines do not say this. Department HR Managers will be briefed on EPSL tomorrow (Thursday). If you need to be off today or tomorrow, and you believe that you are eligible, then notify your supervisor and tell her that you want to use EPSL. The time can always be adjusted after… Read more »


Our director told us here at Lac Usc in the out patient that we are not entitled to this. All of us seem to have gotten an email regarding this except them. We are very confused. If the leaves weren’t approve by hr director then why did we get the email? They are saying they need to meet with HR to determine if this is applicable to us.


It IS confusing. EPSL became effective today, April 1. But, the Department HR Managers have not yet been briefed/trained on the new Leave programs. We are told that his will happen tomorrow, Thursday, at which time they will also be given forms and time/pay codes. We are hopeful that things will be clarified at that point. We will post new information when we receive it. In the meantime, if an employee needs to be off, we are advising that she may want to use other time, but keep a record of the fact that EPSL was requested, so that the… Read more »

Erika Guerra

Hello, Here at PDC/NCCF they are telling us that this was not approved yet. Is this correct? Thank you


The CEO announced on Monday that EPSL and FMLA Emergency Leave would be effective on April 1. There was no mention of it needing approval either in her letter or in the attached guidelines. As far as the union is concerned, EPSL and FMLA Emergency Leave are in effect now, and eligible employees should be able to access these new leave programs immediately.


How can I apply for the FMLA if I have my kids at home and no help with the care, who should I ask for the form?? My manager never want to help… can I give the steps n who to call???


The new Leave programs took effect yesterday, but Department HR Managers are just being briefed/trained today. They will be receiving forms for employees to complete and time/pay codes for EPSL and FMLA Emergency Leave. They should be more helpful by tomorrow.


Ok but how can I get the form and do I need to wait for their approval or it is my decision and they have to help me cause I need it already!! Thanks


Did the act of Congress include county workers or not? Some of this sounds similar but it’s not clear if the county is required to follow those guidelines or if the county was exempt, and is choosing to grant us these extended benefits.


The act of Congress includes all public sector employees, including County workers. They are required to make the leave available by April 17. The County issued guidelines on Monday that makes the new leave programs effective April 1 (yesterday), but Department HR Managers are just receiving the forms and pay codes today.


Briefing Managers will not change the fact that they are not encouraging employees to Telework causing some to file for this leave. They do not offer these to newly promoted staff because of probation. This should be enforced instead of lightly announcing.

Ana Bertone

I just requested the time due to health conditions and my supervisors supervisor emailed me back requesting verification to use this time. No verification is needed what can I do?


Today Departments will receive from HR the form that an employee would need to fill out when using EPSL or FMLA Emergency Leave. We will see what they are requiring. Based on the CEO’s earlier directive to Department Heads, the waiving of medical certification is still in effect.


hi, I’m a student professional worker would I qualify?


As far as I know, you would qualify if you are otherwise eligible.

Concerned county employee

If I ask my supervisor to use 80 hours of EPSL to continue self isolation but then would need to use emergency FMLA for child care issues due to covid-19 would my benefits be effected?


No your benefits would not be effected. You should be able to do that.

Sandra cano

Iam confuse When are we actually calling in and saying to our supervisors
They say then have herd nothing???


Even though the new Leave programs went into effect yesterday, the Department HR Managers are just being briefed/trained today. And they are just today receiving forms and time/pay codes from County Human Resources today. Let’s hope that by tomorrow your Department knows how to respond to employee requests.

Anmol Chahal

Please let us know as soon as dhs send timecard codes or forms/new updates to our supervisors. So that we can follow up with them. Thanks

Ana Bertone

If my uncle passed from covid 19 do I qualify for bereavement leave?


If I have been put off work by my physician and I am using EPSL will I get full pay (100%) as long as it doesn’t exceed $511 a day, correct?


Yes. 80 hours of 100% pay.

Felicia Cruz

I have reached out to several people in my Department (DCFS) and no one can tell me how to start the process to go on the Emergency FMLA leave. Do you guys have any update?


There was supposed to be a briefing today for Department HR Managers. They were supposed to be given forms to be used.
Before you use the FMLA Emergency Leave, you need to use the 80 hours of EPSL.
Here is the pay code for leave if used for care of child: QFM

If used for employee’s own health condition the code is QSL.
That’s all we know right now.


When will the codes be issued out? According to my payroll clerk there is no such thing as EPSL in their system.


Here are the EPSL codes:
QSL if the leave is for employee’s own health condition
QFM if the leave is for the care of a family member.


Would I be able to just use the code when processing my time sheet on Or need approval before even using EPSL? I am currently ill at home was advise to stay here until cleared. Just want to make sure my time will be available and won’t go through hassle to get it. Thanks

We need HELP NOW

As of this afternoon during the town hall the director of people relations stated that anyone who works in a hospital is exempt from the FMLA leave is this true? When are we going to get answers to who and how we apply for these benefits? many of us who need these benefits can not just call out as the union has been instructing and then to worry about coding later. we can not call out on a hope and prayer and jeopardize our jobs. The way county is handling this is disgusting making us choose between caring for our… Read more »


“Exempt” is a misleading word. I hope they explained that all DHS employees including “frontline responders” will still be receiving an additional 80 hours of EPSL, as well as an additional 10 weeks of FMLA Emergency Leave, and that all eligible employees will be able to use these, as long as they get Department Head approval. That is different from the guidelines that were sent to all employees on Monday, which do not mention any approval requirements at all. We share your frustration. The new leave programs did go into effect yesterday, but the Department HR Managers were not briefed… Read more »

Arshaluys Simityan

I called off starting the 2nd. I am a IC in an ER. Both my kids schools have been closed. My mom who has COPD was watching them. My youngest is a NICU baby, he was intubated for the first 3 months of his life due to lung issues. I don’t want to get my mom or my kids sick. I’m now seeing that DHS workers are exempt from this ? I already called off. What’s the best course I should take moving forward ??


Is it true what they said at the townhall meeting that healthcare workers are exempt from this!!!??? Why would they say that?! That’s not right?! I’m a healthcare worker and my family has needs too. I’m not a front liner and it doesn’t make sense why they are making it seem harder for us to take our leave.


“Exempt” is a misleading word. I hope they explained that all DHS employees including “frontline responders” will still be receiving an additional 80 hours of EPSL, as well as an additional 10 weeks of FMLA Emergency Leave, and that all eligible employees will be able to use this, as long as they get Department Head approval. That is different from the guidelines that were sent to all employees on Monday, which do not mention any approval requirements at all. We share your frustration. This pandemic creates very difficult circumstances for all concerned – labor and management. But if your request… Read more »


How can I get the forms??


We were told that they were to be issued to Department HR Managers today. We have asked for them to be provided to the union, but have not received anything yet. Put in your request tomorrow. Perhaps your HR will be better prepared and will provide you with the required form.


FYI you can thank the Federal government for giving you these benefits. These same benefits go for the whole county.


Bart does the EPSL or FMLA Emergency Leave expire? What happens if we don’t use the EPSL or FMLA, does it sit in our time bank for later usage somehow?


It expires on December 31, 2020.

Ernesto Madrigal

I work for the Los Angeles superior court and people at the court are getting hazard pay are you working on getting everyone that is working to get hazard pay also?




1. Do EPSL & FMLA apply to outpatient RNs at LAC+USC Medical Center? 2. My caregiver is leaving us due to concern about me being high risk as a front line RN. Does this qualify as a have care provider leave due to “covid-19 related concerns?” 3. What proof do I need to submit (that care provider is leaving us)? From what I understand from link below, just an email from her stating that she is leaving due to covid-19 r/t concerns. Correct? 4. If I have already used some of my FMLA within the last 12 months (pregnancy),… Read more »


1. Yes, all employees will receive 80 hours of EPSL and up to ten weeks of FMLA Emergency Leave which will be on the books, but in many “emergency response” departments, such as DHS, we are now told that use of the leave will require Department Head approval. 2. Yes, based on your loss of care provider as a result of COVID-19 emergency, you are eligible for EPSL and FMLA Emergency Leave. 3. We have asked the CEO and HR to provide us with the actual forma that will be used, but have received nothing yet. It will most likely… Read more »


I was supposed to return to work from a previous leave on 4/2. My PCP advised me to stay home from work due to underlying health issues that cause me to be at a higher risk of major complications if I were to contract COVID19. On 4/1 I followed the instructions here and on the Dept of Labor site and informed my supervisor, then called leave management and spoke with a representative per the county email The Dept of Mental Health received. My supervisor still hasnt replied, but the representative in leave management told me that I do qualify for… Read more »


“the end of next week”?!? Wow!
Your time CAN be adjusted retro to April 1. So, if you need to be off, but they are not ready to process your EPSL request, you might want to use other time, but keep a record of the fact that you have requested EPSL, and that you want your time adjusted when they have their s—t together.
In the meantime, we will get on their case about “the end of next week”!