CALL NOW – Demand A #Stimulus4Workers

Across the country, hardworking SEIU public servants have been on the job, keeping our communities and the economy afloat during the COVID-19 crisis.

While we’ve been putting our lives on the line every day, congress has been giving away billions to corporations and rich CEOs. Now, they’re threatening to leave workers out in the cold – putting our careers, communities and pensions on the chopping block.

The threat from Congress is real. Without a #Stimulus4Workers, thousands of public sector jobs could disappear, along with the services we provide to our community. 

We can’t allow that to happen. We need at least $500 billion in federal aid to keep our state and local governments functioning.

Today is where we take a stand. Dial (844) 967-2163 to be connected to your local legislators toll-free and tell them that today’s heroes can’t become tomorrow’s unemployed. 

Demand a #Stimulus4Workers of $500 billion to fund the vital work we do. 

Call and keep calling! Get your family and friends to also call. This is a life and death fight – and working people must win it!

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Help me explain why you need $500 Billion? Stimulus for union workers? We have been working and collecting a check in addition to the $1200 that was sent by the feds. Why are union members entitled to $500 Billion more? Please explain.


Okay. So lets get the 5th largest economy in the world to pony up the cash. I get getting federal money to help the regular day citizens. But now you want to get federal money to subsidies the salaries of workers that the taxpayer of California already subsidies? Is that what you are asking? Just want to be clear.


Good read. But lets do our part. Lets just increase taxes. #WeAreInThisTogether


$500 BILLION? From the current administration? Just tell state/local government workers they’ll be getting giant cuts in the coming year.