COVID-19 testing in LA expands to all LA County residents

The City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County have partnered to expand their free COVID-19 testing program. Now, any LA County resident with COVID-19 symptoms can schedule a test.

To check your eligibility and make an appointment, go to

Tests are no longer limited to the highest-risk populations. However, priority for same-day or next-day tests will still be given to:

  • Symptomatic individuals with underlying health challenges
  • People over 65 years old
  • Health care professionals
  • First responders

Testing is accelerating at an extraordinary pace. The day after authorities mandated the Safer at Home order, the City of Los Angeles introduced its first drive-through testing site. Now there are 13 such sites across LA County and – in partnership with the LA County Department of Public Health – approximately 30,000 tests should be completed by the end of this week.

Many public workers in the City of Los Angeles and in LA County are hard at work on the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic, including our fellow Brothers and Sisters at SEIU 721. If you feel you have been exposed or are experiencing symptoms, do not hesitate to schedule a COVID-19 test as soon as possible.

It is so encouraging to see this partnership between the City of Los Angeles and LA County, which expands access to testing. Our union will continue advocating hard so that workers are provided with adequate PPE needed to continue serving the public.

Stay tuned for more news from us – and text SEIU to 31996 so you can get real-time updates on urgent union matters.

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Curtis Brown

Thanks for backing our members. What LA County needs to understand, what impacts the members, impacts the entire system.

Steve Ortega

I try to register, but as soon as I say I have no symptoms, I rejects me

Richard S

Hey Steve, it looks like the eligibility went from persons who are at risk (underlying issues, 65+ years old, etc.) that have symptoms of COVID-19, to all persons in LA County that have symptoms of COVID-19. Otherwise, if you aren’t having symptoms, I would recommend trying to avoid going to places where people who may have it are going to like a testing area or hospital. For now let’s wear the masks and stay safe. I hope that helps.

Elizabeth D. Arenas

Please push the use of the mask. Until the vaccine is developed and administered this situation will get worse. Thank you

Audrey D Roberson

I was told we don’t have available funds for emergency covid pay for LA county employees. Is this true?

M. R.

How are we/city employees supposed to know if we’ve been exposed if the city refuses to disclose employees who have contracted covid19. We don’t even know what departments they’re in.

Kenneth Burmeister

I am 73 years old and a recent cancer survivor and need yo get tested. I live in Long Beach. Where can I go to get tested or make an appointment?

Negarin firooz

I took this test 40 hours ago but I donot know how should I check the result I didnot receive any email or .. please help me

Ana Cruz

How we can get the results for this test??