COVID-19 Update for Riverside County DPSS

The following update from our meet and confers with Riverside County applies to DPSS workers.

1. More sanitizing items available for members:

  • The Department will have a control point person at each region that will micromanage current supplies. The department is having a hard time looking for supplies (due to the shortage) and will continue to search and resupply. The department head will be sending out who the contact person is for each region so members can go get supplies

2. Continue to expand Telework to everyone who is able to do work from home

  • The department will continue to expand teleworking. If members are having trouble getting approved for teleworking, they to need to bring it up the chain of command and then to the Assistant Director. The goal is to have 75% of members teleworking soon.

3. No out of state & county travel visits for all departments 

4. No disciplinary actions made on employees while out sick, no harm, no doctors note required

5. Drug & urine testing

  • The department will put a policy in place on how to administer drug tests safely.

6. Self Sufficiency Building 

  • SIU investigators will be outside with staff at all times to help with the mass numbers of people from the public.

7. Paid sick leave time for members who are exposed and have to be out and additional sick leave time for members

  • The County said they will continue to give up to 80 hours of sick leave for members that have exhausted their time banks. The 80 hours will go in the negative on their pay system and the member will pay back the time bi-weekly. No additional hours will be provided at this time.

8. Option for Members to donate sick leave hours to other members (current members can donate vacation/comp)