Fighting for Your COVID-19 Concerns at LA County DPSS

Your concerns are being heard loud and clear. We are taking every necessary step, and are relentlessly fighting to keep every DPSS worker safe during this pandemic.

As your union — we are pressing LA County DPSS to provide essential workers like you with all the essential protective equipment, but our fight doesn’t stop there.

We need DPSS to institute COVID-19 specific workplace policies needed to continue serving residents and to protect workers, including the implementation of telecommuting options, and the approval emergency paid sick leave and FMLA leave, and more.

Please read the 3 page full letter we are sending to DPSS Director Antonia Jiménez and stay connected with your union. Please ensure that we have your most updated contact information by filling out your membership card, or text SEIU to 31996 to receive text updates.


Click here for the full 3 page letter



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Shameka Flowers

That’s great and all, but what about employees from other departments. I am a social worker with DCFS, are you fighting for our rights as well? I am currently out sick due to this pandemic, and I contacted my superiors on 4/1 to inform them I was entitled to the EPSL, however since then I was contacted yesterday indicating, they have not received no confirmation from the County, nor has any codes been given to support this. So now that some of us are off what are we suppose to do now? I think it was very premature for the… Read more »