NEW Patient Care Member Hotline for SEIU 721 Members

The Coronavirus pandemic is stretching everything in our Los Angeles, Riverside and Ventura Counties’ healthcare networks to an unprecedented limit – impacting the safety of our registered nurses and all our healthcare workers unlike ever before. During this time, our union is advocating hard to protect healthcare workers on the job and ensure the availability of resources needed to combat COVID19.

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new PATIENT CARE MEMBER HOTLINE dedicated to helping healthcare staff deal with workplace issues in real-time

PATIENT CARE MEMBER HOTLINE number is: 866.435.7721 or 866.HELP.721.

The Patient Care Member Hotline is for healthcare staff working in patient care for Los Angeles, Riverside and Ventura Counties.

Events are unfolding at an incredible speed and new directives are coming just as quickly. The new Patient Care Member Hotline is where we can go to learn how to advocate for our safety needs and obtain management support as we try our best to deliver safe, quality care to our patients. Our Patient Care Member Hotline Team and Union Staff will do everything they can to support you and your coworkers to protect yourselves and your patients.

Fellow Healthcare Members and Staff are standing by to answer your questions:

PATIENT CARE MEMBER HOTLINE number is: 866.435.7721 or 866.HELP.721.

Together, we rise.

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We are essential workers still going into the office everyday while cases keep climbing and walking around with no sanitizer or mask in the office. Will the City abide by their own rules and provide staff with the necessities that they are requiring every other business that is open. We are exposing ourselves everyday and bringing it home to our families. Ty.