This is NOT the Time to be Making Deals

This is NOT the Time to be Making Deals.

Shame on LA Superior Court for Trying to Take Advantage of the COVID-19 Emergency to Extract a One-Year Pay Freeze!

During the COVID-19 Emergency, it is more important than ever for labor and management to work together to maintain essential services while keeping employees and the public safe.

Up and down the state of California, Superior Courts are responding to the Governor’s Stay At Home and local public health orders by putting in place policies to keep essential court functions operating, while allowing as many employees as possible to stay or work at home.

Teleworking, administrative leave, skeleton crews, rotating staffing, comp and holiday time, pay incentives, social distancing, sanitizing and personal protective equipment are all tools that Courts have used to meet the extraordinary challenges posed by the pandemic. Among Courts in California, only LA Superior Court has attempted to extract contract extensions in exchange for implementing these commonsense measures. Originally they came to SEIU with a demand for an 18-month extension with no salary increases!

Now is NOT the time for bargaining. Now is the time for UNITY. Let’s do the right thing for employees and Los Angeles County residents who depend on court services.

We call on the LA Superior Court to implement safe and fair employment policies with No Strings Attached!

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Concerned Employee

Hmm isn’t that the same exact thing Nancy Pelosi did with the stimulus bill? Delayed it for over a week to try to sneak in her goodies wish list?

You’re right. It wasn’t the right place or time to make a deal then and it isn’t now.

Beyond frustrated

County is shamelessly taking advantage of our healthcare workers and nurses especially. Will our union dues afford us any rights at all? Maybe we should stop union dues if we can’t get paid sick leave. Time for change at the top!


We need our raises !! We also want to get ready for next year . We need a better contract!

2021 Contracts

LA County wants there staff to be homeless. LA county supervisors in there mansions while we work getting sick!