#ICYMI – Watch the ‘Protect All Workers’ Virtual Town Hall

We have embarked on a monumental but vital task of securing between $500 billion and $1 trillion in federal stimulus for workers – and our union most recently hosted a virtual town hall urging all members to join our team of Digital Union Voices.

Click on the image below to watch it.

Hear directly from Bob Schoonover – the President of SEIU 721 and SEIU CA –  and Mary Kay Henry, the President of SEIU International, as well as:

  • Eric Garcetti, Mayor of the City of Los Angeles
  • Kathryn Barger, Chair of the LA County Board of Supervisors
  • David Green, SEIU 721 Treasurer and Children’s Social Worker III at LA County DCFS
  • Andy Morales, SEIU 721 Liaison to the City of LA’s Dept. of Sanitation and Environment
  • Fiona Henlon, Relief Nurse III at the LAC+USC Medical Center and BU 311-312 Bargaining Committee Member

Our mission is now clear: We must find a way to close massive budgetary shortfalls threatening public sector services and the frontline jobs that go with them – our jobs.

The City of Los Angeles projects revenue losses of $117 million for Fiscal Year 2019-20 and another $178 million for FY 2020-21. LA County anticipates a $1.3 billion loss for FY 2019-20 and an additional $2.3 billion for FY 2020-21.

A stimulus for workers from Washington, DC is critical to staving off furloughs – and worse.

In the new reality, the remedy to our affliction will require traditional organizing combined with a hefty dose. Don’t let the Trump Administration and his allies call us “heroes” today only to throw us on the unemployment rolls tomorrow.

Demand that the White House protect all workers by showing as much respect for America’s frontline as the Trump Administration and his allies have shown for this nation’s richest corporations.

Our union has faced tremendous odds before and overcome them. As always, it will take sustained action. And, as always, the Labor Movement will lead the way. View the video and text VOICES to 31996 and join our team of Digital Union Voices to take action with us.

Together, we rise.