Ventura Superior Courts: Holiday Pay for Exempt

Ventura Superior Courts

Court management brought to our attention a request to allow represented exempt positions to be paid Holiday pay per Article 15 of our MOU, should they be part of a working skeleton crew like non-exempt members are currently getting paid.

The reason is if exempt employees continue to earn Admin Leave, when normal operations resume it would be a challenge to allow them time off while meeting the mission of the Courts system.

Member leaders and stewards agreed to this change with management agreeing to our request of making these hours retroactive to the beginning when the Courts operated with skeleton crews back in mid-March. These exempt employees/members should be seeing that Holiday pay soon if not already in their paychecks.

Please make sure you are reading your Court work emails daily to get important information including the possible return to work as early as next week. Nobody knows what that looks like at this time. Stay safe and be well!