You’re Invited: #ProtectAllWorkers Virtual Town Hall

In every corner of California, and across the country, vital frontline workers have been keeping our communities safe and healthy and our economy moving during the coronavirus crisis.

But while we sacrifice, day in and day out, Congress and the White House have been busy doling out billions to massive corporations and rich CEOs.

Now, as the long-term economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic begin to come into focus, it is clear that the wealthy few and the politicians in their pockets aim to weather the coming storm on the backs of working people, through steep budget cuts, furloughs, and layoffs.

We cannot let today’s heroes become tomorrow’s unemployed. We must stand together to fight back against those who wish to take advantage of this pandemic to weaken the critical public services we provide, and our neighbors depend on.

We cannot leave working people behind. We must fight for a real #Stimulus4Workers.

Join us as we convene our #ProtectAllWorkers virtual town hall. Featuring:

SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

L.A. County Supervisor Kathryn Barger

David Green, Children’s Social Worker III at LA County DCFS, SEIU Local 721 Treasurer

Fiona Henlon, Relief Nurse III at the LAC+USC Medical Center

Andy Morales, Labor Liaison, City of Los Angeles, SEIU 721 Executive Board member

Bob Schoonover, President, SEIU Local 721

Hosted by our SEIU 721 President Bob Schoonover, this is an important virtual town hall that cannot be missed. Join us as we come together to chart our course forward during these difficult times.

Tuesday, May 12th at 6:30pm

SEIU 721 #ProtectAllWorkers Virtual Town Hall

Will be LIVE and available to all members via this link:

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Robynn Knight

I would like to know what the plans are for furloughing because I feel it it inevitable due to the County not receiving the necessary income during this trying time. It’s simple, they cannot meet the budget. That doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out. I have been told there are no plans to furlough but our economy says otherwise. Will they furlough on seniority at 100% across the board? Will the first to be furloughed include employees with underlying health conditions that were forced to work from home full time (even though they didn’t request that accommodation) or… Read more »


Furloughs seem to be a certainty. Hate to have to wait until June 30th to get any answers. Rumor has it that not ALL City of Los Angeles Departments will be affected by furloughs. My two cents, every department should pitch in, LADWP & LAWA included

Cynthia Roberts-Davis

I’m a Eligibility Supervisor with DPSS, have any discussed or mentioned anything about the Golden Handshake? Do you think there will be a reduction of employees through early retirement?

Patricia Gonzales

Any word?

Cynthia Roberts-Davis

No word yet

Robbie Hardaway

I applied over the phone for food to be delivered to my 93 yr old dad 2 1/2 weeks ago, but never received any communication regarding what is going on with the application.

Ana Williams

Will there be be hazard pay for essential employees? I’m a Sec III that has been coming into work, and while my coworkers who are social workers receive this bonus, I believe I should also receive it.

Tamika Johnson

I would like to know the plans for reopening the district offices (DPSS) far as customer contact. Customer Service and Reception are behind glass but what about the workers that will be interviewing the customer and their families? How will we remain 6 feet apart or will that no longer be a requirement? The 1st thought the 12th is the busiest time of the month, how will we be able to service our customers and still remain safe? Will there be hazardous pay for us essential workers that are never mentioned even though we are the ones processing all the… Read more »

Rhonji Wilson

All Radiology exam rooms should have respirators or heppa filters im rooms. Also thier should ne monitors to ensure that managers are complying with instructions given. We need plexi glass for clerical staff as we start taking on more patients exposure risk increase . if we start loosing staff . You will not have the ressources or staff to serve the patients . these are license poaitions and this is a global epidemic so its only smart to protect the staff you got . with all you got and then some.

Connie G. Limones

Thank you. Audio is terrible today in Lake Arrowhead where I reside. I was able to hear Mayor Garcetti somewhat. Thank you Mayor, Speakers and to all our Union representatives. Respectfully, Connie Limones, Supervising LOSA, Public Defender’s Office – Downtown Los Angeles (on self home-isolation)…again, thank you Mayor for a great job!


Audio was terrible even in Covina.
It was a Town Hall Meeting with no real input from members. How about next time taking questions either in real time or ahead of time so we can get answers to real questions??

Antoinette williams

Yes , Lax custodian dont get the credit that we deserve being on the front line . And by furlough will help the people coming in and out lax. And also the airport workers, they need us. And a stimulus package will and take of city workers and family. I can’t see my grandkids .me and my husband coming and going every day trying to stay proud to be a Angelina of Los angeles born and rise.

Antoinette williams

Furlough will not help anybody coming in and out of Lax..


Us at the Sheriff’s Department (professional Staff) have been on a PROMOTION FREEZE. If this continues, all our efforts and time to study and take the Exams would be a waste. Please do something!