A Strong Union Contract Protects Ventura County Fire Dispatchers

Steward Jordan Roberts, steward Brandon Miller, Marnie Morgan, and Michael Orozco.

The Coronavirus public health crisis is wreaking havoc on our Ventura County resources. Our frontline workers in the hospitals, Sheriffs and Fire District are working countless hours to keep our communities safe.

However, until recently, our members in Fire dispatch were the one group that did not receive the night shift differential as stated in the County contract.

SEIU 721 is acting swiftly to make sure members are safe and protected. This protection includes enforcing our County contract.

“One of the greatest protections in our union contract is that of the grievance process,” said steward Brandon Miller.  He led our members in Fire dispatch to band together and file a grievance.

“It wasn’t an easy road but it was the path to equity and we won!” said Brandon.

Members are making sure that our contract is being upheld fairly so that all premiums and earned salaries are being paid to all classifications who earned them.

The pay differential is effective immediately. That means more money for our Fire Dispatch members during uncertain times.

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