Getting Anti-Worker Spam Emails At Your Job?

We’ve been receiving reports that anti-worker organizations have been spamming SEIU 721 members with deceitful messages in an attempt to trick LA County and LA Courts workers into giving up your union power. 

Let me clear something up right off the bat.  

Member dues do not go toward political candidates. Political spending on behalf of SEIU Local 721 for candidates comes from the voluntary contributions of our tens of thousands of voluntary COPE contributors.

So if you receive any messages that say something different, you can disregard them and take the following steps to ensure their anti-worker money no longer wastes your time:  

How to Report Anti-Worker Spam

1.   Forward the email to and and include a message like “This organization sent this spam email to my work email account without permission. Please ask them to stop sending emails to me.” 

2.   Forward a copy of the email to 

3.   Mark the email as “spam” or “junk” in your browser. This will make it harder for them to spam you and your co-workers.

The War On Working People 

Why are you getting those anti-union spam emails at work? 

As LA County and LA Courts workers, our jobs are directly tied to public budgets and the decisions made by elected officials. 

That’s why we use voluntary COPE donations to ensure we elect individuals and support public policies that will help secure things like proper PPE for workers, staffing ratios, our hard earned pensions and more!   

The groups who fund the deceitful spam emails don’t share these goals. They want to make union workers work longer and more dangerously – for a lot less money.  

That’s why they’re spamming you. It’s no coincidence that these emails are arriving as our nation is looking toward big, pro-worker changes in Washington. 

We can’t let them win and we won’t. 

Best way to combat their anti-worker email? Easy.  

Take a minute to ensure your Union Membership is up to date here: Update Membership

Together we will continue to protect the salary, benefits and protections that SEIU 721 members fought so hard to get!

Bob Schoonover
President, SEIU Local 721

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