LA County members: Our voices have been heard! CEO issues Emergency Telework Directive


Earlier this week, in response to the terrible spike in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths, SEIU 721 President Bob Schoonover sent an urgent letter to all five LA County Supervisors calling for immediate action to allow more employees to work safely from home. Thousands of SEIU 721 members added their voices to this call for action by sending their own online messages to the Board of Supervisors.

Our voices were heard!

This morning Chief Executive Officer Fesia Davenport issued an Emergency Telework Directive to all department heads:

“Given the current surge of COVID-19 in Los Angeles County, departments are directed to immediately implement emergency telework to the greatest extent possible to protect the health and safety of our employees. This Emergency Telework Directive will remain in effect so long as the current COVID-19 surge lasts. Please note that this temporary directive supersedes all departmental routine telework programs and pre-established reopening procedures …”

We will work with department management to make sure that this directive is implemented fairly and consistently – and with the urgency with which it was issued.

Let’s keep in mind that telework will only work during this emergency, and in the long run, if we make it work. We should strive to be as productive at home as we are at the work site.

Let’s show the world that we can get the work done while keeping ourselves, our families, and the public we serve, SAFE.

And today, let’s celebrate our victory in this important fight, which proves once again … WHEN WE FIGHT, WE WIN!

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Dezerae Herrera

Well see.

Last edited 3 years ago by Dezerae Herrera
V. Jesse Smith

Now, that’s Union Power. Great job SEIU 721.

Celeste C Wilson

Thank you SEIU 721 we won again.

Kiki clemons

Thank you local 721 for always having our backs!!


Thank you SEIU


Thank you SEIU!!!

Shannon Lofton

What do to request to work at home my husband & daughter is high risk I’m so scared of getting them sick. I’m a ITC at H.Claude Hudson

Anna M. Garcia

Talk to your supervisor. If you have a job that can be done from home, they will put you on the IT list for home access. Have a laptop ready.

Dezerae Herrera

How does it work with EH Headquarters, i’ve been denied twice saying they do not have work for clerical staff.

Maritza De La Cruz

Let’s see when the county approves my hotspot to be able to effectively telecommute.

Meliza Hernandez

What does that mean for parks and rec? Today i was forced to have face to face contact with 300+ people! So far in the past 2 week 6 of my co-workers have tested positive and one has died. HELP!


Parks and Recreation should be shut down. I wouldn’t put myself at risks.

Brandie M

Exactly Meliza I got approved to telework due to my respiratory condition and have been waiting 6 weeks for IT to assign me a laptop. This whole time I have been working and 4 coworkers have tested positive this past 2weeks. I had to use my own time if I want to stay home which isn’t fair.

Gino Washington

Congratulations seiu #721 this gino from ufcw #324 we need your support we are fighting to have “hero pay”. We have contract negotiations in January. At our store today we have several members positive with more quarantined. We need your support.


Does it matter what is your position in order to telework?


I am a unit clerk @ Rancho Los Amigos; what does this mean for me?

Nicholas Genovese

Thank you so much for making for fighting for us and making this possible

Anna M. Garcia

Thank you SEIU! Thank you Magdalena Zavala for helping us fight for our right to work safe from home. For those of you who believe that you can work from home. First go buy a laptop if you don’t have one. The county lent out everything they had already. Then get the ok from your supervisor. Your supervisor will tell IT dept to give you access. You can only do this if you have a postion where you can work from home. I schedule surgeries for Olive View Medical Center. That can be done from home. I’ve been doing it… Read more »


It has to be fair across the board. Some bureaus think they’re excluded from this.

Jessie Ingram

LASD is the worst


Yes, I couldn’t agree more! I am an ITC and denied telework. Our lives aren’t important at LASD. When other LE agencies have their clerical staff working at home, such as Anaheim PD, Fullerton PD just to name a few.

Gloria Vazquez Esqueda

What do I need to do to work from home if I don’t have A computer is my employer supposed to provide one? What about the internet service

Marianne Garcia

I love our Union!!!! We would have no say so without them. Many do not understand this.

Last edited 3 years ago by Marianne Garcia
Bresean Williams

Can we tackle our rights to know if we’ve been exposed? Parks and Rec isn’t disclosing to the staff of COVID contact because we are short staffed and they fear that everyone would leave. I was told that because of HIPPA laws they do not have to disclose but I feel we have the right to know and should be allowed to quarantine like any other American. The County is NOT protecting their employees. In the past three days I worked with staff from various facilities that I don’t work with on a daily basis which doesn’t follow health orders… Read more »


How about Community Health Workers? Are we to work from home as well?

Denise Najera

Is there a number to call to get clarification on this emergency situation.

Linette Woron

Does anyone think about the public we serve and their needs? Kids in need of some kind of recreation , people needing help in offices, now having difficulty getting thru, or no response, or way delayed response? I say this as disabled just retired(wish I didn’t have to) 27 yr DMH worker , Hospitals, homeless, ER, medical wards, PMRT- I still talk to homeless . Wish could do more, intractable pain now really ending work. I never got nor expected “hazard pay” it was just the job and many years I loved it. Wish Union came thru w/ step increases… Read more »

Shontika penigar

But yet, my department will not allow me to work from home until I’ve been retrained after being on medical leave for over a year. I have a 1 year old and shouldn’t receive a percentage of my pay because there’s no childcare opened for her. Now, I’m just on covid leave with a ton of black out dates. Unfair

Maria Landero

Telework only works if the job is completed and the people in need is able to receive assistance.

Jessie Ingram

Our office is only implementing this after the first of the year. Because of course COVID is taking a break through Christmas


That is not happening everywhere CSC I has had over 5 positive cases confirmed we are seated within 6ft apart cubicles are small and most people do not wear their mask. We only have 4 elevators, 1 is not working. If we are processing enough applications per day we should also be able to work from home at least for one month.

Navjot Kaur

Can CMA do telework who is pregnant and had positive covid?

Line staff

This was approved on 12/18. It’s now 12/23 and our DPH program has not given us the green light. Cms/ccs will fight tooth and nail to keep us from working 100 at home. What’s the hold up? They clearly don’t care for its staff and it’s health. They should be ashamed of themselves!