Tell the LA County Board of Supervisors: Protect your workers and the public we serve!

Even though LA County’s COVID-19 contagion rates are surging again, numerous LA County department heads are already directing employees to return to work on-site. It’s outrageous!

So at today’s official meeting of the LA County Board of Supervisors, our union delivered official correspondence demanding that – until vaccinations are widely available – all but the most critical employees should work from home.


As we learned this past Spring, we only got PPE and worksite flexibility because we insisted on it through our union. That’s what it will take this time around, too.

And this pandemic is not over. LA County COVID-19 cases are shattering previous records:

  • LA County reported 13,815 new cases this past Saturday alone.
  • 80 people in LA County died of COVID-19 this past weekend.
  • Over 12,000 new cases are being reported in LA County every day, with a nearly 12% testing positivity rate.
  • The number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients continues to climb and has now surpassed 4,000 in LA County.
  • There are only 56 available ICU beds in all of LA County and none in Orange County.

As essential workers, we’re doing all we can to stay safe during the pandemic. LA County bosses should do the same.


Don’t wait: Sign on and stand up.

Let the LA County Board of Supervisors know we’re ready to fight for protect our health and the public we serve – because when we fight, we win!

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I am NOT getting the vaccine!!

Nunya Biz

No one asked Beatrice… sigh

Lisa Tyler

Me too. I have allergies

Nicholas Genovese

This is an outrage l agree. There has been so many deaths with this covid. Two of my friends died because of it and all these department heads are thinking of themselves by putting people lives at risks. There is no problem working from home and it should not be an issue. You can always find a solution to work with this. Even when you are trying to work at the office there are shelfish people that are not respecting the guidelines. You can’t replace people that easily this disease does not is appalling!!



Last edited 3 years ago by Jessica

It is terrible! The clerks are answering the phones with the Mouth mask nobody has any idea how difficult it is!
When everybody is going home the clerks always stay!
If I sign everybody but clerks will be home!


This is true! All the higher ups get to work from home, while us ‘clerks’ need to be on the front.

Keith Robinson

People have 40 years and over should be able to retire give us a golden handshake we deserve it


I agree! I asked for the option to work from home and was told by my supervisor that it was going to end that week. So in other words no. Then upcoming weeks pass & I still see my supervisors still working from home. Our lives are just as important as everyone else! Not fair at all!!!

Lisa Tyler

It is up to the Director or Head Clerk. Make a list and ask each person which day they want to work. As long as the phones are covered it should not be a problem.

Lisa Tyler

Ask for pandemic pay

CCS nurse

in my program CCS/CMS there are 300+ nurses (case managers, we work on computers/phone, never ever see patients, no good reason to be in office) still required to come into office 3 times per week. We work in cubicles, in one big warehouse suite with poor ventilation. Only the handful of MD consultants have offices with doors they can close to ensure physical distancing. Us CCS nurses are essential yet dispensable right along with you clerks! Our program director allows telework 2 days per week yet rejects temporary expansion during this surge without offering an explanation. Instead, nurse managers walk… Read more »


I work the for the same program. Other departments like:MIS,Financial,Operations are working 5 days from home. This program is big on finding loopholes. Our jobs can be done from home. People have caught Covid and instead of notifying employees they keep the information to themselves. Facilities arent being cleaned properly bc chemicals disturb certain employees. If we sign this document how do we know that we won’t be exempt? It should apply to all County workers who have the ability to work from home.

Lisa Tyler

Yes I agree but someone has to answer the phones. Also speak to your manager about rotating the clerk’s. Pick a day.

Lisa Tyler

I feel horrible for our field deputies cause they are forced to go out and they do not receive pandemic pay. Shame


I feel they should let everyone stay at home atleast through the Winter. This virus is very contagious and can easily be spread. If our administration has it in their power to keep us safe, while we can still provide services from our home, then it should be their priority to keep us protected!


I feel they should give us 1 week on and 1 week off so we could grab our minds!! And be able to come home safe! Where I go to the doctors that’s how they do it!!!


I don’t think that anyone can grasp how stressful it is to do the work that we’re doing and how much it can shatter ones sanity, unless their the ones actually doing it. We are people after all, who are going through a roller coaster of a time and we can barley grasp our minds to soothe others let alone ourselves. We have to be kept in mind as well as our well being, physically and mentally. So I completely support the idea that your putting out there. Hopefully it’s something that is considered and met.


Will clerks and secretarial staff be part of the fight or are managers and admin staff the only folks who will eventually benefit? We have been given next to nothing to stay safe while being exposed to a potentially bad environment every single day. As far as I have seen, all they have to claim is we are essential workers and basically don’t deserve to be protected, so if nothing has been done to protect us since March, why should we assume anything will be done to help us now?

frustrated as well

this part!
Its ridiculous when the work can be done from home – phones transferred to home lines and documents can be digitally signed, yet clerks and secretaries are forced to continue to potentially put themselves at risk for unnecessary exposure.


Found out today we are in a building with possible positive cases that were reported on the 14th. Think anyone cares enough to send staff home? Not even a word has gone out to us. I only found out because of an employee in a different department who was being sent home. We should all walk out on the County for putting us at risk.


It’s very simple. All we have to do is have a rally and get the media involved. It’s a done deal. That’s it.


I am not getting the vaccine

Alice Martinez

I work at RRCC in Norwalk from March to September I work from home due a chronic illness but because the election came in November i became a essential worker now election over there offering us every other week to work so I accepted it one week at home and 2nd in office I refuse to go back to due my chronic illness so now second week I will have to use my own time which is unfair because people who are home since March till this day get paid one hundred percent paid without doing NO WORK from home… Read more »

CCS nurse

My program (CCS/CMS) at the Telstar El Monte location claims they are allowing work from home at the fullest capacity the program will allow, 2 days per week. @ beginning of pandemic we were told CMS cannot telework at any capacity. It wasn’t until someone’s husband (who is a physician, not working @ county) reported it to local news and news vans were here that they sent everyone home THAT DAY and started allowing the limited TW that they refuse to expand. If 100% TW isn’t possible for our program, they could have each employee report to office 1 day… Read more »


I one hundred percent agree with you!! I too work for the same Dept. The staff at Aerojet feel the same way. If MIS, Operations, Financial, PRU etc can work 5 days from home. Why can’t we? This is not the time to power trip. Our lives and health are in the Depts hands. These loopholes need to be closed. Parents with school aged children have been impacted and the program doesn’t care. Two telework days does nothing for us.


100%!!! No time for a power trip!

CCS nurse

Thank you colleague for explaining the truth and reality we are living in the workplace. I work in the same department. It is sad and frustrating that department director is not understanding and indeed has a power trip. How can we call ourselves the department of public health and not follow the guidelines we set forth to the community to stay home as much as possible and away from others. I am afraid for my own health and family’s wellbeing. Union and board of supervisors…. do NOT let Human Resources say it is up to each department how they will… Read more »


What IS the reason CCS staff can’t TW more than 2 days a week??? No one explains this to us. It just makes sense…especially during this surge!! I can carry out my work duties while Teleworking the same way as when I, needlessly, come into the office, WITHOUT increasing my exposure to being infected!! We are told…’ no need to go to people’s cubicles when you can call them or use Teams to communicate’…. uuh, Im sorry, I dont need to go INTO the office to do THAT either!! Here, DPH addresses the public the Safer-at-Home Health Officer Orders and… Read more »

Julio Diaz

most importantly of course is the safety of the health workers that need perform the job of caring and treating Covid-19 victims but we also need to about think about the custodians and grounds maintenance workers who are also at great risk of performing the duties of cleaning public restrooms and sanitizing County facilities/offices which can be filled with an alarming amount of workers in one place. Not to sound vulgar but we literally have to clean up the feces and urine in these public restrooms. another issue while performing his duties Park patrons will force themselves inside even when… Read more »