LA County: COVID-19 Discretionary Leave extension brought to you by SEIU 721

Our union heard us loud and clear about the need to compel LA County to extend COVID-19 leave benefits. So we worked hard over the holidays to secure it.

Now, SEIU 721 is pleased to announce that – retroactive to December 30, 2020 – LA County officially has extended COVID-19 Discretionary Leaves to March 31, 2021.

If we are LA County employees who have not yet exhausted our COVID-19 leave benefits, this extension is critical. The pandemic hasn’t yet disappeared so we these benefits shouldn’t just disappear either. Thanks to advocacy by our union, they didn’t.

If we are newly hired LA County employees, then this extension qualifies us for the COVID-19 leave benefits.

If we are LA County employees who have already exhausted our original benefit allocation under these leaves, then we will not be eligible for any additional allotment of time or pay. But we still may use any accrued time; any available county leave time; and any allowable, protected leave of absence time.

Click here to read the official directive from the LA County Department of Human Resources to all county departments about the COVID-19 Discretionary Leave extension. And make sure to take advantage of this extension if you need to.

Together, we win!

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If you already taken the covid leave but did not exhaust the hours do you have to reapply?


Yes. You need to submit the form for each request for use of the paid leave


Hi Bart. I took a covid leave for my kids for child care. I was told that I didn’t have to apply over because it’s already approved I just had to request my time off to my Chief clerk.