Santa Barbara County SBCERS Update Jan 22 2021

SEIU 721 Benefits Director Ramon Rubalcava and SEIU Regional Director Danny Carrillo attended the last SBCERS meeting on January 13 via Zoom. As the Alameda Supreme Court case ruled last summer that stand-by and call back earnings are no longer pensionable, our union has been following this case on behalf of our Classic employee members who could be affected by this ruling.

Regional Director Danny Carrillo spoke at the meeting, asking for the SBCERS board and staff to include 721 in any future meetings as an advocate for our members as we requested that 721 needs to be at the table to discuss future pay codes. We have seen the SBCERS report that shows 721 Social Workers do get paid for both stand-by and call back and we need to emphasize that certain mandates Social Workers abide by, may exempt them from this ruling. Again, this is only for Classic employees/members and does not apply to PEPRA employees/members.

Please be on the lookout for future updates on this subject. We will also continue to work with the 721 SBCERS board member Rob Perry and any other board members that we have shown support to. If you have any questions, please contact Danny at or try reaching out to board member Perry.