Sign Our Petition to Stop the Roll-Outs at LA County

Management at LA County still has not addressed serious issues about Phases I and II of the Staff Reorganization Roll-Out. So why would we agree to move forward with Phase III?

We’re encouraging everyone in Bargaining Unit 729 to sign our Cease and Desist petition demanding a meeting with management about the Staff Reorganization Roll-Out.

Click here to sign our petition.

The Phase III Roll-Out will limit promotional opportunities by reducing employment positions within BU 729 and converting them to non-represented positions.

This goes against the letter and spirit of our union contracts.

Click here to sign our petition.

Converting our jobs to non-represented positions constitutes a change in working conditions with respect to promotional opportunities.

So, we demand:

  • That LA County reach a mutual agreement with our union before moving any further with Phase III.
  • That LA County cease and desist of any further promotions, lateral transfers or reorganizations related to the Phase III Roll-Out.
  • That LA County address longstanding concerns around transparency and equity in the promotion process for BU 729.

Join us if you’re a member of BU 729 and sign our petition now. Together, we win!

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