Lunchtime Demonstrations at the LA County Board of Supervisors’ Offices – BE THERE

SEIU 721 members are organizing lunchtime demonstrations at the field offices of the LA County Board of Supervisors. We will be carpooling from nearby worksites to deliver a strong message to the Supervisors that we need Heroes Pay for All!

All demonstrations will begin at 12:15 PM and continue through the lunch hour. Box lunches will be provided for all participants.

SEIU 721 will provide signs, banners, sound systems, noise makers and box lunches. You provide the spirit!


Supervisor Hahn’s Norwalk Office
12720 Norwalk Blvd.


Supervisor Barger’s Lancaster Office
42455 10th Street West


Supervisor Solis’ East LA Office
4801 E. Third St.

Supervisor Solis’ South El Monte Office
1441 Santa Anita Ave.

Supervisor Solis’ Huntington Park Office
2677 Zoe Ave.

Supervisor Mitchell’s Lennox Office
4343 Lennox Blvd.

Supervisor Keuhl’s Van Nuys Office
7555 Van Nuys Blvd.

Supervisor Hahn’s Torrance Office
825 Maple Ave.

Supervisor Barger’s Pasadena Office
215 N. Marengo Ave.

Supervisor Barger’s Chatsworth Office
21943 Plummer St.

For more information, contact SEIU 721 Member Connection at (877) 721-4YOU.


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Jack squat

Isn’t it a little late for hero pay. We’re getting ready to fully open up


This tends to be the way the union works…more reactive than proactive…it’s all a show, we voted for each one of those clowns all democrats acting like a bunch of red devils….


I think the only important issue on the table is the cost of living increase. I understand the need for heroes pay but at this point, the cost of living needs to be the only issue on the table that needs to be fought and won. We need to focus on what’s realistic and what can be attainable at this point.

Charles L

I completely agree. Regular Cost of Living Updates should be automatic. Inflation/ Price of goods have all gone up 1-5%, if not more for certain items. Raises in line with the Cost of Living should be fought for all jobs. HEROES Pay – Being honest, NOT ALL workers deserve it. Unless you were a Nurse or something of that nature, then you don’t deserve (including myself) HEROES Pay because you were allowed to telework 5 days in a row in the comfort of your own home. It’s a 3 Year Contract normally, 8% MINIMUM Raise which would be over the… Read more »