“Not one red cent!” THAT’S what the LA County Board of Supervisors wants to give us!


After five weeks of bargaining, what exactly is Los Angeles County offering to show appreciation to SEIU 721 members who stepped up during the pandemic, made great personal sacrifices, took on new challenges and risks, continued to provide critical services to the most vulnerable in our community, and held L.A. County’s safety net together?

No cost-of-living increase.

No Heroes Pay.



Not one red cent!

It’s time to tell the Board of Supervisors just what we think!




Tell your County Supervisor how you feel – and why LA County members deserve Heroes Pay for All.

Describe your experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tell them how your work is essential, and explain to them how you still got the job done.

Remind your supervisor that it’s because of your labor and sacrifice that the people of LA County still have a functioning place to call home … in the aftermath of the deadliest pandemic in modern history.

Make it clear: You don’t just work in LA County … you vote here, too.




Contract negotiations are well underway. Right now, they’re offering us not one red cent.

We need to show the Board of Supervisors that they can’t take us for granted. The more of us who share our stories, the greater our union power will be.

So don’t wait. Share your story now.

We’re in this together … and together, we win!

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Not one red cent, has me seeing red…how is it that we live in a blue state, held together by red tape. SEIU the strongest union in the State and this how we get treated. LA county board of supervisors are all democrats, voted in by SEIU members and this is the respect we get. Makes me wonder why continue to pay my union dues…


That’s incredible and risible. Where were these supervisors during the peak of the pandemic, probably zooming and safe. How come they approve money for grocery workers and not us that risked our lives, got sick and put our love ones at risk. Well, i will remember along with my coworkers when election come.


There are MILLIONS of people who continued to go to work. Can you show any empirical evidence that your members were getting sick at work at a significantly higher level than other professions that continued to work? If not, don’t act as if you deserve a reward for doing the same job during the pandemic that you were doing before the pandemic.

Toidi Nasimas

This guy is a genius.

Emmanuel Goldstein

So after a year of budget deficits, killing 401/457 matching, denying COLA increases, screwing over Tier 2 MAPP participants, etc… LA County has received an abundance of funds and is in great shape.

How does the Board repay everyone that kept LA County together? Trick question. Suffer some more so the execs can take home their $400k paychecks.

Pissed of LAC employee

Do you expect $$$ when many of DHS employees were “working” from home and enjoying their out of town trip, on tax payers $. Plus, they all got vaccinated before everyone else because they are in DHS. A bunch of accountants, yet right, accountants.