LA County Contract 2021 FAQs

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Ismael Vazquez Jr.

Is the union willing to call a strike when the County inevitably cries poor in 6 months? How are they going to sit up there and patronize us with fiscal responsibility when they’re paid $200,000/year. Tell me, how many of them have forgone their salaries? None of them? Oh…Awkward. Don’t they all have net worth’s in the millions? So, what you’re telling me is that they’re trying to balance their budget books on the backs of the “heroes” responsible for keeping our communities afloat? First at the table or last at the table, the County is going to find one… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Ismael Vazquez Jr.
LaTresa Harris

Will we get the Heroes Pay bonus as one lump sum or will it be monthly? Also how much tax is actually going to be taken out?

Thomas Cornicelli

Dsw assigned me as a contact tracer for DHS. My normal work is the library. Which bonus do I qualify for?