LA County Contract Ratification Teletownhall

The united voice of LA County members and the relentless efforts of our LA County Bargaining Policy Committee have us on the cusp of a signature win for SEIU 721 members.

While other County unions were content to stand pat at the bargaining table, we fought for what we deserve and have reached a groundbreaking tentative agreement that rewards our sacrifice during the COVID pandemic and sets us up for even bigger wins in a few short months.

Heroes Pay for All, fully-funded healthcare, a new paid holiday and the chance to jump to the front of the line in bargaining are there for the taking – it’s up to us to go get them.

County of Los Angeles Contract Ratification Teletownhall
Sunday, August 1
6 p.m.
Call In: 888-652-2664

On Sunday, August 1, our union will be holding a special Teletownhall for all LA County members, where we’ll go over the tentative agreement, provide clarity on questions and lay out the plan for ratification and bringing this contract home!

You don’t need to do anything, just have your phone ready at 6 p.m. on Sunday and when it rings, pick up and stay on the line and you’ll automatically be added to the call. If you miss the call, you can join by dialing 888-652-2664.

Mark your calendars, tell your coworkers and sign up any new hires to be a part of our union. SEIU 721 is on a roll and we’re going to keep building momentum as we head back to the table in January.

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