LA County: Hard-Fought Heroes Pay for All Bonuses Are On the Way!

After months of organizing and more than 150 member-led actions across LA County, we secured a landmark contract with across-the-board Heroes Pay for All bonuses, full healthcare cost coverage, and a new Juneteenth paid holiday!

Members ratified our groundbreaking agreement with a resounding 98% YES vote, and it was approved by the Board of Supervisors on October 19.

The Agreement must still appear on a Board of Supervisors agenda for a second reading and final approval, scheduled for this Tuesday, November 2.  The Auditor Controller will then program payroll to include the general $1000 bonus on the November 15 or November 30 paychecks.

$1000 General Bonus

After the Board of Supervisors gives final approval to the Agreement on November 2, the Auditor Controller will program payroll to include the general $1000 bonus on the November 15 or November 30 paychecks.

$500 Countywide “COVID Appreciation” Bonus

All County employees who were employed by LA County by July 1, 2020 and whose job duties required them to be within 6 feet or less of a co-worker, patient, client, or member of the general public for a period of at least 15 minutes on at least one occasion are eligible for an additional $500 bonus. To receive the bonus an employee must complete a simple attestation form, which consists of checking off two boxes. These forms will be available beginning on November 1. To access the attestation forms, log on to, click on ‘eFORMS’.  The form will be found under the ‘Countywide’ tile.

[A sample of the Countywide “COVID Appreciation” self-attest form is provided below]

However, there is one additional step that the County must take before these bonuses can be issued – since these are a new type of bonus, LACERA must conduct an analysis to determine whether they are pensionable. Because of this extra step, and because employees must be given sufficient time to complete the attestation form, these bonuses will not be issued on November 15. They will be included in the December 15 paychecks.

$150 or $650 “COVID Heroes” Bonus for Members in DHS

SEIU 721 members employed by the Department of Health Services (DHS) from March 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021 are eligible for additional bonuses, paid for out of Provider Relief Fund moneys received by DHS in the original CARES Act. To receive the “DHS COVID Heroes” bonus, DHS employees must complete a second attestation form like the one described above. These forms will also be available beginning on November 1 and can be accessed by DHS employees at the same location (log on to, click on ‘eFORMS’.)  The form will be found under the ‘Countywide’ tile, after DHS employees complete the first form.

These bonuses will also require a LACERA analysis, so they will not be included in paychecks until December 15.

[A sample of the DHS “Heroes Bonus” self-attest form is provided below]

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Is this for all county employees or only ones represented by the union?

Michelle White

We all worked very hard and deserved this we thank you for the efforts and hard work the Union did to get us here.
Thank You
We appreciate You

Luis Morales

Hero’s pay: “Full Options healthcare coverage – We’re getting a 2.5% increase in LA County’s contribution to our Options health benefits starting January 1, 2022“. How this will be handle, since we just did the 2022 annual benefits enrollment?

Marina Meza-Struck

In your Contract FAQ’s post (dated 07/26/21) you said to qualify for the extra $500 we had to come within 6 feet from co-worker or member of the public during the “pandemic between March 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021”. In this post, you say to qualify we must be “employed by LA County by July 1, 2020” and come within 6 feet.
Please clarify as we voted on the original wording.

Arthur Esqueda

Is there going to be an email blast from the county about when these forms are live? Checking the site as of right now (11/1/2021 09:04 AM) there is not an attestation form.


I’m so excited…. And I just can’t hide it…. I’m about to lose control… and I think I like it. 🙂


hello does this qualify for all county employees

gwendolyn hartford

I looked under forms and then countywide but the attestation form is not there


I don’t see the self attest form..

Shontrell Perkins

Please advise to where these COVID Bonus forms need to be sent or uploaded for further processing. Thanks.


Wish those of us who worked in the medical units of Juvenile Hall qualified for the added DHS bonuses.


When is the last day to submit the Attestation Form?


Why aren’t the people who worked during that time but are now retired or left county not qualified for that money? Especially since LA County forced them to work and also pushed some people to retire early? Why are they stealing money from people who are legally entitled to that money? Damn County always figuring out ways to screw over its employees!!


It was not mentioned that we’d have to be employed by LA County by July 1, 2020 to qualify for the $500 bonus. Very misleading. Why was there a cut off date? The risk of COVID-19 exposure did not end after July 1, 2020.

We continued to work through the pandemic and it’s very disappointing to find out that we will not all be receiving the total bonus. We pay our dues and voted for the bonus. This is not fair representation.


What about the part time employees who worked through the pandemic, but are no longer employed?


What about employees who were hired November 2020? We were and continue to be working at the office during a pandemic. Will they receive some of the $500 from the “Covid Appreciation Bonus”?

Toy R. Hightower

What about persons who worked as contracted employees from 9/2021 and is now permanent employee are they eligible?


For non-DHS employees, what is considered “during the pandemic”? Early on it started March 1, 2020, but now it doesn’t have a date. Can you tell us what dates?

Roman link doesn’t work

Arlene Villa

So, if I had left the county in April of 2021, I do not qualify for bonus?

Seiu Member

For the additional $500 bonuses requirement, please define when is the start date of the pandemic.


The link does not work for Court employees.

Bonnie Reyes

Hi, I just checked eFORMS on and the form isn’t showing. This article states that it will be available November 1. Please advise. Thank you.

Sharon Jones

This is great, but there must be a glitch to fill out the form. I went to this site and was unable to fill the form out. The information at the top of the form will not auto populate. Some people at my work place did there form on Nov. 2nd.. and now on Nov. 3rd. it’s not working. Could someone from SEIU look into this please.

Claudia Preciado

Hello, How can employee’s who are currently on leave of absence from work submit request. Since they dont have access to at the moment.