What’s Up with Our LA County Bonuses?

On August 27, SEIU 721 members overwhelmingly approved a landmark six-month contract including a new Juneteenth paid holiday, fully funded medical and dental coverage, and across-the-board “Heroes Pay for All” bonuses.

While the Board of Supervisors still has not approved the agreement, there is no doubt that they will vote to approve our new contract.

First, the County CEO must file a Board letter which will appear on two consecutive Board agendas. We have fought tirelessly to ensure that SEIU 721 members receive their Heroes Pay for All bonuses in time for the holidays, and have been assured by the Chief Executive Office that our agreement will appear on upcoming board agendas and bonuses will be received shortly after. Here’s what we can expect moving forward:

$1,000 Bonus

In the best-case scenario, the basic $1,000 bonus will be in your paycheck by Thanksgiving. This will be implemented automatically without any action required by employees.

Additional $500 for Employees at “Elevated Risk”

Any employee whose assignment during the pandemic required them to come within six feet of a co-worker or member of the public for at least 15 minutes qualifies for this bonus. To receive the bonus, an employee must complete a brief form attesting to their qualification. These forms will be made available online and in print once the Board of Supervisors approves the Agreement. Based on available information, we estimate that those employees who complete their forms in a timely manner will receive these bonuses in time for the holidays.

Additional Provider Relief Fund Bonuses (up to $650) for Employees in DHS

Employees in DHS are eligible for bonuses in addition to those listed above. All DHS employees who were employed during the pandemic will automatically receive an additional $150. Once again, in the best-case scenario this will be in your paycheck in time for the holidays.  DHS employees who were at elevated risk during the pandemic qualify for another $500 bonus (in addition to the $500 bonus listed above.) To receive this bonus an employee must complete a second form, much like the one mentioned above. These forms will also be made available once the Board of Supervisors approves the Agreement. Based on available information, we estimate that those employees who complete their forms in a timely manner will receive these bonuses in time for the holidays.

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Do we have any update as to when the letter should be appearing before the Board?

Andrea M Reese


Silvia Pacheco

How about the DPSS employees stationed at DHS sites? Would they qualify for the Additional Provider Relief Fund Bonuses?


This is horrible how is it when it is them we are pushed. And mandated to do right then and there and when it’s Ilya we have to wait what your saying is all hypothetical they haven’t signed anything we should be getting ready to strike they don’t respect us or our time


I agree, let’s strike, this little bit of chomp change is a slap in the face.

Rebecca Martir

When will the Self Attest forms be available? And where can I obtain one?

kimberly Williamson

So I see you have everyone excited about this small bonus. I’m wondering why we didn’t get a cost of living raise or any raise at all. Everything is gong up except our ability to pay for it. How is this fair after all we’ve been through and still going through.?

Marian Augustine

This seems very weird, I thought this was already said and done,seriously! Why are you putting us through this everyone one like the groceries store did get a bonus. So at this point very disappointed.

Stacey Pogue

This is awesome!

Tina Houston


gwendolyn hartford

What form and where can I receive the form?

LA county employee

Will urgent care be considered elevated risk?


Will County employees that were hired and began work August 2nd, 2021 be eligible to receive the $1000 hero pay?

Claudia Ron

My name is claudia we are waiting for the heroes pay we took care off COVID potions we suffer a lot. There is long story but I want to make it fast

Ann Taniguchi

What about the bonuses that were in discussion for temporary part-time workers?

Gerardo Villarreal

My question is in regards to the “brief attesting form”. Where exactly will we be able to locate and print the attesting forms? In the SEIU 721 Local Union website or at the Board of Supervisors website? Please be more clear and give out more information on these “brief attesting forms” so we can be ready to print them out and turned them in to the proper authority/Dept. in a timely manner. Thank you.

Gipetto Schmidt

Why so difficult? Thought you were here to support the workers.

Martha Barreras

I retired on April of 2021 I was working on the pandemic at I calcified

Jonathan Orozco

Wow, how can you let the board take this long to vote? We rushed our votes to get this done. Now we have to fill out forms? Haha? What’s this all about? So October 30th we shouldn’t expect the 1000$ bonus? This is ridiculous. Some employees really need this bonus and SEIU is just pushing it along. Such a joke

Jonathan Orozco

You promise us 2100$ now we have to fill out forms in order to get it. But at the time you had employees in danger , coming in to work and risking their lives to get the job done? First off why didn’t you mention the split of the bonus before we voted? No one said anything about this. Shame on you

Jonathan Orozco

In time for the holidays. But yet we had to rush in our vote to get this done. Nothing but trickery here. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Watch us get the bonus by February, cause no one fights for us. Why do other unions get higher cost of living for employees? 2100 is supposed to help us? Well actually 1000$ since other bonus has to be approved lol what a joke

J. L

This wasn’t the agreement we voted on! And applying for parts of the bonus was NOT told to us! The only determining factors were either you are a DHS or non- DHS employee, a full-time or part-time employee and if you teleworked or went into work during a certain time period. Not the bonus being broken up into 3 parts and you have to apply for 2 in order to get the full amount. The best scenario is that this is the art of deception to its fullest!

Last edited 2 years ago by J. L

Many of us took on the work that was critical at work while others telecommuted full time. We believed that we deserved the bonus for our dedication to keep the county working and we voted for this six month contract just so that it could be stalled in the BOS hands? Did we tell the BOS to wait while we where hit with no choice, but to work to keep this county going? I have supported my union for over 20 years with no questions except for now. BOS Isn’t taking us seriously now, so I see trouble when the… Read more »