LA County: Today’s the big day … we get our $1K!

Today is Nov. 30 – so we should see our first $1,000 SEIU 721 Heroes Pay Bonus in today’s paycheck!

‘Tis the season and they say it’s better to give than to receive … but it’s still pretty good to receive. So don’t forget: There are three MORE bonuses we may qualify for!

  • $500 Countywide “COVID Appreciation” Bonus
  • $150 DHS Bonus
  • $500 DHS “Heroes” Bonus

CLICK HERE to find out how we qualify for these three additional bonuses and to learn other important details – including answers to your FAQs.

Remember: We got this $1,000 bonus through the determination of our members and the strength of our union, as this victory video reminds us (click on image below to view video).

So, check your paycheck and remember to stay #UnionStrong now and into 2022!

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Leo lopez

Why don’t Superior Court employees get the 1k bonus, do we not qualify?

john diaz

I didnt receive the bonus but all my coworkers did. Who can I contact at SEIU?

Adam Sullivan

Do you have to be “fully vaccinated” (definition subject to change, of course) to be eligible for this bonus…?

Charles Mendoza

Do temporary employees receive hero pay that worked the pandemic and not employed by the County of Los Angeles at this time.