The results are in – here are your 2022 LA County Bargaining Teams!

After weeks of voting, the results are in! SEIU 721 is proud to announce the winners of our 2022 LA County Bargaining Team elections. Please note that this list only includes the results of contested elections.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s election, and together, we’re ready to bring home big wins in 2022!

Here are the results.

BU 111 – Clerical and Office Services

Barbara Alcorn

Carol Maxey-Ware

Karen Nealy

Ella Cotton

Dennis Greene

Lydia Arrellano

Gwendolyn Anderson

Maria Harrison

Robert Romero, Jr.

Antoinette Green-Moore

Voncille Woodard

Irene Zapata

Anthony Cruz

Valerie Medina

Janet Paul

Damorea Hines

Gerald Rogers

Roger Noriega

Andrea Navarro

Mike Contreras

Theresa Velasco

BU 121 – Administrative, Technical and Staff Services

Juan Campos

Efren Diaz

La Shawn Tillman

Marisol Enriquez-Santos

Vincent Malone

Brenda Coleman

Victor Solares

Steven Washington

Victor Trammel

Pearl Marshall

Sharrell Williams

Marchelle English

Eva Belisle

Janine Merritt

Latrice Dickson

Angelica Calleros

Kelley Dixon

BU 201 – Building Custodians

Jason Calixto

Ronald Welch

Morris Griffin

Carlos Arevalo

Anthony Hooks

Raycile Miller

Esbeida Refugio

Samuel Torres

Robert Harper II

BU 211 – institutional support services

Jennifer Welsh

Alex Valdez

Eric Madrid

Denise Prince

Tami Aque

BU 221 – Paramedical Technical Services

Merlon Johnson

Brandee Palacios

Cesar Vazquez Medina

Brenda Fisher

Troy Hubbard

Debra Johnson

Yadira Murillo

Andrew Huntsman

Andrew Quan

Oscar Rivera

Randall Joe

Michelle Thomas

Marchelle Dotson

Scott Factor

Leo Espinosa

Elizabeth Corona

Gamik Abadzhyan


Markeitha Harris

Sandra Buenrrostro

Shamika Ossey

Todd Yeomans

BU 311 – Registered Nurses LAC+USC

Ashley Marquez

Carolina Frias

Fiona Henlon

Rebecca “Kate” Mitchell

Kelly Zhou

Ileana M Meza

Calandra Sandoval

James Lunsford

Theresa Wyatt Monroe

BU 312 – Supervising Registered Nurses

Cynthia Mitchel

Tomas Conteras

Jimmy Recio

BU 342 – Supervising Health Science Professionals

Agnew Hirai

Patrick Del Conte

Ralph Lingad

Kyle Yetter

Kristina Burgos

Cristina Ranches

Chad Brinderson

Julio Ramirez

Fariba Hashemi

BU 431 – Artisan and Blue Collar

Charles Castro

William Lovell

Abraham Castro

Todd Damann

Javier Marin

Marco Andonaegui

Curtis Isom

Keith Shepeard

Carlos Rosales

Brian Boethling

Jason Ramirez

Steven Medlock

Richard Cherry

Victor Gamont

Michael Kaufman

BU 711 – Social Workers

Silva Kechichian

Cheryl Taylor

Veronica Johnson

Norma Martinez

Martin Barboza

Paula Franze

John Balta

Edward Roman

Lawrence Reyes

Marisol Cruz

BU 722 – Medical Social Workers

Joyce Ford

Robert Flores

Cynthia Magdaleno

Gisela Batres

BU 723 – Children’s Social Workers

David Green

Jerry Clyde, Jr.

Shawnte Beacham-Houston

Andy Garcia

An Hoa Tran

Holly Mann

Krystal Wilson

Linda Jackson

Monica Vera

Cynthia Counts

Almira Garza

Jazmine Loreto

Juan Mundo

Isaac Lopez

Chychy Ekeochah

Geetha Amuthasakaran

Daniel Marquez

BU 729 – Health Financial Services

Veronica Allen-Barnes

Lydia Cabral

Miguel Cooper

Karla O’Donis

Kimberley Tenney

Carla Martinez

Jorge Salcedo

Theresa Rodriguez

Ana Amezcua Moreno

Darra Bryant

BU 731 – Social Services Investigators

Yolanda Floyd

Tracey Boykins

Adolfo Granados

Lucy Mack

Yadira Alfaro

David Burks

Marcos Alvarez

Natalie Moreno

Latonya Lazard

Lynne Abraham-Pulliam

Rodney Jack

BU 732 – Supervising Social Services Investigators

Arlene Andrade

Ruby Dye

Meinda Harrison

Peter Effa

Oly Moreno

Karla Warren

Guadalupe Ortega

BU 777 – Supervising Social Services Investigators

Susan Cho

Paula Gamboa

Guadalupe Lopez

Robert Mariscal

Deanna Ramos

Priscilla Reyes

Luz Chinchilla

Carmen Gonzalez

Robinn Mosley

Linda Reyes


Thank you to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for future updates from our union as we gear up to bring home another strong contract!

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Antoinette Green-Moore

Congratulations to all.


good luck everyone

Irma Alcantar

Beautiful, a lot of new names, we know you will learn a lot, it’s not easy, but we know you will fight hard and we will back you up. You have great negotiators, with SEIU staff.
If we won the COVID Bonus, we can win a new a better Contract.
Let’s try to make some of these bonuses pensionable.
Let’s go SEIU Bargaining Teams!

Jose R Melendez

You cannot and I repeat you cannot leave Adult Protective Services social workers out of negotiations. As there is so much to bargain for at the up coming bargaining.


Can the amount of monies that staff get for the civic parking be discussed in negotiations this time around? It has been at 70 dollars for the 13 years I’ve been with the county and parking costs continue to increase. Please negotiate a higher parking allowance.


Congratulation to all! Lets get the negotiations started, we need to add additional steps to each job title and higher salary increase. Cost of living has significantly increased due to the pandemic and we haven’t received a cost of living increase. A bonus isn’t an increase of salary.