LA County: Inflation + Privatization = Confrontation … FIGHT FOR THE FRONTLINE!

What price did you pay the last time you filled up your gas tank? How much did it cost the last time you bought groceries?

Inflation is at historic highs – right when our contracts are about to expire.

We, as a union, need to make sure we’re taking home paychecks that cover the rising cost of living. Join us to do just that!

RSVP now to FIGHT FOR THE FRONTLINE on Thurs., Mar. 31.

On top of sky-high prices for everyday necessities, we’re also facing serious threats from LA County management to privatize our good union jobs.

THAT’S their way of thanking us for getting them through the COVID pandemic. Don’t let them!

LA County tax dollars should fund jobs that we can support a family on – not jobs that leave families living paycheck to paycheck and without basic health coverage.

RSVP for the FIGHT FOR THE FRONTLINE on Thurs., Mar. 31 to defend our jobs.

And speaking of healthcare coverage … it’s no small thing.

Our benefits are some of the best in the public sector. That’s because our union, SEIU 721, fought hard during every single LA County contract negotiation to make sure we got them.

Don’t let LA County management erode our benefits packages now that we’re bargaining for a new contract. Make sure our healthcare coverage stays rock solid.

RSVP now and stand with our union at the FIGHT FOR THE FRONTLINE on Thurs., Mar. 31.

Healthcare benefits are vital – but, frankly, they’re not enough nowadays.

Our paychecks need to cover the costs of elder care and childcare, too.

We’re well into an era where many of us have multiple generations under one roof – and this fact must be faced by LA County management as we bargain for a new contract.

Our earnings must reflect the reality of childcare and elder care costs today. The more boots on the ground we have at the FIGHT FOR THE FRONTLINE on Thurs., Mar. 31, the more effectively we can send this message. RSVP now!

After you RSVP, don’t forget to put in a time-off request at your worksite. You will want to be at what is shaping up to be the biggest march in SEIU 721 history.

The FIGHT FOR THE FRONTLINE on Thurs., Mar. 31 is where we will take a stand – for ourselves, for our families and for each other. We’re not afraid to fight for what’s right … and when we fight, we win!

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Dominique Blacksmith

We should strike. We’re responsible for keeping the largest, wealthiest county in the nation on its feet… and this is how they repay us?

Marching in front of an empty BOS building makes no sense. None of the actual executives have regularly been in their offices for the past 2 years.