LA County Strike Vote Launch – When we vote, we win!

Yesterday, our union brought out the ballot boxes and fanned out at worksites across LA County for our strike authorization vote launch. We’re fed up with LA County’s bad faith bargaining and unfair proposals, and we’re voting YES to send a strong message to the Board of Supervisors and LA County management.

Don’t forget to cast your ballot – which automatically enters you to win a $100 gas card! CLICK HERE TO VOTE

One winner will be pulled for each Bargaining Unit after voting concludes – and our Bargaining Policy Committee recommends we vote YES to authorize a strike.

We’re sick management’s unfair labor practices. We’ve had enough of the blatant disrespect for the work we do!

Momentum is on our side.

Media such as the LA Daily News, Ch. 7 Eyewitness News, Telemundo 52 as well as LAist and KPCC 89.3 FM reported on how we, LA County’s frontline, are ready to take a stand.


We can vote online or on site.

But whichever we choose – we need to cast our ballot and take a stand.

Click here to vote OR to check the on site voting schedule.

In their anxiousness to get back to normal, far too many in LA County management are ready to dismiss our sacrifices.


During this pandemic, many of us had no choice but to come to work in-person every single day. Some of us got COVID, sometimes more than once, and we still persevered.

For those of us in SEIU 721 who worked remotely, it was our unseen labor that kept LA County’s network of vital public services connected and functional. No matter what, we did the work.

Unfair labor practices are no way to thank us! It shows that far too many in LA County management continue to take our labor for granted.

That’s the message we made sure to send to the media yesterday …

… and now it’s time for us to send that message to management!

That’s why our Bargaining Policy Committee recommends we vote YES to authorize a ULP strike. This is our way to stand up for ourselves and for each other at a crucial time.

Vote now and encourage your co-workers to vote, too!


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The Best

This is what has been needed. Good luck everyone!