Message from SEIU 721 President David Green in Light of the Uvalde, TX Tragedy

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Celia Garrey

So how do we go about. getting what we all want? Its the same feeling in all normal humans. Agreed.

Elizabeth Arenas

FEMA/ disaster preparedness training provides FREE training to county, state, and federal level agencies to “prepare” for unfortunate situations such as this. Don’t just be sorry be prepared. These types of weapons are here and there are a lot of mentally disturb people.


I so much agree!

Javier Riccardi

Let’s protest!

Alba Cuellar

I am completely agree with with you, we need d action right now, right now, stop this violence, what government is waiting to do some determination.

Dorothy Carter Clayton

Praying just soo sad. Lord we need you

Rosemary Briceno

Along with everyone else sending my most heartfelt thoughts to the Uvalde families!

Meliza M Hernandez

What can SEIU 721 do to take action? I’m ready.

Tina Scott

We’re tired of “thoughts and prayers” — we want action and immediate change.

Mr Charles Seidel

As someone was with mental health issues and a long term disability please stop adding to the stigma that already exists by lumping spree killers and mass murderers into the same group as those with mental health problems. It’s not mental health, it’s a gun culture problem.

Maria Jerpseth

This is not such a simple issue. The main problem is, what are we doing, as a society, to HELP those with mental health and other issues? There must have been people who read about his threats to shoot his grandmother, when he then informed the world when he shot her, and even worse, when he declared that he was going to go to a school and shoot at people there. We are, then, talking about the destruction of Society. With the family structure crumbling, the ever- increasing attacks and disrespect towards the value of human life (the elderly, disabled,… Read more »

Lynne Honaker

I totally agree with these statements!!

Audrey Nwankwo

Yes & Absolutely !!! Immediate Action needs to be taken !!! We as people need to do wellness checks and appreciation acknowledgements as we do in our Union. The Union concept fosters health, wellness and stability !!! Let’s spread our winning formula in order to help and stabilize our nation !!

Maria Sneed

Thank you. I feel for the loss and sadness of it all. Prayers sent to the love ones of these kids who will deal with sadness every day. Prayers for us all and the world.


Immediate change calls for examining the mental health of these shooters and those around them who knew they were dangerous. Stop advocating for gun laws and address mental illness instead, along with the policies like lockdowns, people hooked on social media, drug addiction. We cannot afford to tire of thoughts and prayers. All public schools need greater security as well. No one seems to be listening to the father of the shooting victim in Florida who is NOT advocating for gun laws.

Leticia Broida

Right on!! As a SEIU 721 member, we should March the streets and spread love not injustice

Mark McCormack

“We want stronger laws designed to keep guns out of the hands of people suffering from mental illness.” I will add another quote from The NY Times: “Blaming mental health problems for gun violence in America gives the false impression that most people with mental illness are dangerous, when the vast majority will never commit violence.” Actually, they are statistically much more likely to be the victims of violence than the perpetrators. The problem with mass shootings is not mental illness. It is Evil. Equating gun violence with mental illness is basically defining those suffering with the latter as evil.… Read more »

Adande Fletcher

I agree, it is saddening, and most appalling that the Senate hasn’t made a strong move to make strong gun laws!! It doesn’t matter the race of those killed, nor does it matter the race of those doing the killing; poor innocent souls are being lost by the hands of peoples with mental health issues. Whether killings are done by a lone shooter or by police shooting innocent peoples because of the color of their skin; their actions point to mental health issues. ALL LIVES MATTER!!, These 19 children and two teachers add to the long list of lives taken… Read more »

Arthur McClain

So sorry and tired of senseless tradgies over the world lately and here United States too!!!!! To all the Families of Uvalde, Texas!!!!

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