LA County: What will you spend your bonus on? Bonuses arrive on July 29!

We, the frontline of LA County, are scheduled to get our hard-earned bonuses on July 29!

It’s a sweet win on top of a huge contract victory, which LA County members ratified with a resounding 94% YES vote last week.

Our new agreement includes a 12% raise over the life of our three-year contract, featuring:

  • A 5.5% raise AND a $1,375 bonus in 2022
  • A 3.25% raise in 2023
  • Another 3.25% raise in 2024

(Please note: All compensation, whether it is a bonus or an ongoing percentage increase, is subject to taxation. Neither the union nor the county have any control over tax rates.)

Our contract also comes with:

  • Up to $195/month to cover projected medical premium cost increases
  • $100-$375/month for childcare and elder care costs
  • Extra dollars for life insurance, public transit subsidies and more
  • A commitment from the county to expand telework opportunities, with reimbursements for required expenses

Now, our bonuses will arrive on July 29!

“At SEIU 721, we like to say that when we fight, we win, and our latest contract proves how true this is,” said SEIU 721 President David Green. “Our union fought hard for these bonuses. We insisted that we be appreciated for our hard work, especially during this pandemic. Now, we’re getting them.”

During contract negotiations, our union also secured stronger protections against privatization of good union jobs. It’s an important victory. We secured our strong, new contract because of our strong union power. Any attempt to undermine our union will be met with strong resistance.

“Here’s the bottom line – we know the union is on our side because it’s the union fighting for our bottom line during contract bargaining, when it matters most,” said SEIU 721 Secretary Lillian Cabral. “Let’s remember this fact when we get our bonuses on July 29!

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Will employees currently on protected leave receive the bonus? Even if they are on unpaid leave?

Nyja Clayter

Will the bonus be back paid once back on paid leave status?

Taikeasha Williams

I will spend the bonus on Gas and other necessities. Grateful for the bonus but it will go fast; Inflation is not our friend.


Just like to say thank you to all of my brothers and sisters on the bargaining team. Good! The bonus is going on myself


When will be able to read the finalized contract?

Maria B.

Thank you can’t wait, I will try to catch up on paying my house payment. I really wish it’s true because I would really put use to this, and I’m sure a lot of others will appreciate all this very much.

Norma Chavarria

Paying bills

Ziggy Nakamichi

Temporary employees continuously contribute $10 dollars per paycheck but repeatedly missed all pervious Hero Pay in the past. Will this bonus meet the same fate?

B. Jenkins

Well, does that includes ‘TEMPS?’ I’ve worked on temporary work assignments since 2014. So, and I part of the victory celebration? Also, it goes without saying that I’m a card-holding SEIU member.

Filiberto Mendoza

Is the 5.5% increase;
Retro from initial date/ approval of contract?


I will send the money to my daughter in African who is attending Nursing school to buy Nursing books. (By the way, is anybody out there who will be willing to donate Nursing books LVN OR RN). God bless and thanks in advance.

Theresa D Cooksie

Thank u SEIU 721 for your great bargaining

Myra Estes


LaWanna Mason

Thank you thank you and God bless you for staying constant in this fight for us! SEIU 721 always Ready to Fight for LA County employees

David Garcia

Will these be on the July 29th paycheck?


Is this also going to apply to recent new hires?

Leonard Clay

Thanks to all involved in this, the largest contract in the history of L A County and we all deserve it, thank you and thank all


Pampering myself at a spa facility

Darrell Ramzy

Appreciate all your hard work!!!

Henrik Akoopie

Thank you so much for fighting for us so hard


That’s really good and fair what you are doing for our rights.
Maintain us inform.
I really appreciate everything.

Clarena Arnick


Gloria Vazquez

Pay my union dues

Adrienne Allen

My last day as a county employee was 7-1-2022, will I get this bonus?

Elizabeth Ruiz

How does the union plan to handle the teleworking as stated?

  • A commitment from the county to expand telework opportunities, with reimbursements for required expenses?

Teleworking days have been significantly reduced in several departments, some with only 1 day. How do you define this statement above when you are leaving up to management to decide how many days telework are allowed?

Joseph The Carpenter

I am a TEMP. I did not get the HERO Bonus last year because it was for those who served until June 29. I was released on June 10. SEIU should fight for the inclusion of “within a month of service” as against “service up to a particular day of the month”. TEMPS will always lose as a beneficiary of these entitlements because even if they were exposed to the same COVID whilst working or as bonus for productivity, they were released earlier and thus forfeited their claim. Please consider this appeal and thank you for your great work indeed!

Danielle McQueen-Teague

I would just like to say Thanks to everyone at SEIU721. I will put it in my savings for a rainy day

Lucy Serrano

Love that smile thank you for your hard work

Yahaira Iman

I this bonus and raise for all union workers? Or is it only for frontline health workers?


Savings for house repairs

Kesha fulton

I like to Thank the bargaining team for all your hard work. This bonus will go toward household needs. Gas, food, etc

Smart Investor

I’m going to spend it on milk. Milk is $800 a gallon right now.

karen oliva

Does this bonus apply to Wic employees?

Alan Bradley

When will we receive our raise

Jasmin Bradley

When will the 5.5% raise go into effect? And the retro pay will be from what date?