2022 Regional Council election winners

Every three years, our union elects four new Regional Councils representing Los Angeles County, LA/OC Cities, Tri-Counties and the Inland Area. The SEIU 721 Regional Council is an important group within our union, ensuring that members from all areas have a strong voice when critical decisions about SEIU 721’s vision and goals are made.

We would like to thank everybody who participated in this year’s 2022 Regional Council election. It takes a lot of courage and dedication to run for a Regional Council seat.

That said, this year’s election has ended and we have the final results. Below is a list of all 2022 Regional Council winners in Bargaining Units which held elections:


  • BU 711 – Silva Kechichian
  • BU 723 – Shawnte Beacham-Houston
  • BU 860 – Charlotte Ramos
  • BU 311 – Ileana Meza
  • BU 311 – Kelly Zhou
  • BU 731 – Lucy Mack
  • BU 731 – Tracey Boykins


  • MOU 4 – Jesse Valdes
  • MOU 36 – Robert Potter


  • PRF – Erika Villa
  • ZBA – Kimberly Goodman


  • BU 20 – Frank Lee, Jr.

Thank you to all candidates for participating – and congratulations to all 2022 Regional Council winners. This is an exciting time for all of us to be part of the Labor Movement in America. We look forward to seeing what new ideas and innovative strategies emerge from our new Regional Council!