LA County: Got questions about the big pay raise? Our union has got the answers.


When exactly will we receive our raise?


We will see the raise on our paychecks, in our bank accounts and in the eCAPS system on Fri., Oct. 28. The reason? Our paycheck of October 30 is for the pay period of October 1 through October 15. It will reflect our raise by reflecting the new pay rate for that pay period. But this year, October 30 falls on a Sunday. This means we will receive our end-of-the-month paycheck on the preceding Friday, which is Fri., Oct. 28. (FYI – We are paid for the second half of the month on the paycheck we receive on the 15th.)



What is our salary increase schedule and what are the big features of our new, three-year contract?


We’re getting a 12% raise over the life of our three-year contract, with:

  • A 5.5% raise AND a $1,375 bonus in 2022
  • A 3.25% raise in 2023
  • Another 3.25% raise in 2024

Our new contract also features:

  • Up to $195/month to cover projected medical premium cost increases
  • $100-$375/month for childcare and elder care costs
  • Extra dollars for life insurance, public transit subsidies and more



Some positions are receiving more than a 5.5% pay increase. Why is that and where can we check to see if this applies to us?


Some classifications received “inequities” to address recruitment and retention. We do not have one list of classifications with all positions that received inequities but it is on the TA summary for the Bargaining Unit that the affected classification is in.



Do we have a booklet showing all the raises?


The MOUs with all the new rates will likely be printed early next year but should be approved by the Board of Supervisors by the end of this month and available electronically immediately afterwards.



I don’t see the pay increase in my salary when I check it under the eCAPS system. Shouldn’t it already show up there?


It will show up in eCAPS when it shows up on our end-of-the-month paycheck.



What are extra dollars are we getting in our County Benefit Allowance and where can we see the actual numbers?


For 2023, the monthly contributions are: Employee Only = $1,078.58, Employee +1 = $1,967.91, Employee + Family = $2,324.72. These will also appear on Open Enrollment materials that should be available now.



The 5.5% raise is not reflecting accrual when I check my salary on employee self-service. What’s going on?


The accrual started October 1 but the pay rate may not reflect the updated rate until October 30. The October 30 paycheck will include the raises.



For BU 311: Is there any clarification on overtime double pay?


For BU 311, this benefit for qualifying DHS RNs is applicable, but the manual process must still be used. The Auditor-Controller is working on a code to ease usage.



For BU 723: When do the bilingual increase and the mentor incentive pay take effect?


For BU 723, any additional bonuses negotiated would be effective with Board of Supervisors’ approval of the entire MOU, which our union is pushing to take place by the end of the month.



For BU 729: I work at the Emergency Room (ER). Do I need to fill out a form to receive the ER bonus?


For BU 729, as long as you are assigned to work in the ER as your regular assignment, the bonus should be automatic.


Got more questions? Don’t hesitate to contact your WorkSite Organizer (WSO), your union rep or our SEIU 721 Member Connection at (877) 721-4YOU. Our union is here for us. Together, we win!

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Do we know anything about the letter we got in the mail advising additional salary depending on position?

Last edited 1 year ago by Evelyn Gondola

Where can we find the TA Summary?

A. Rodriguez

please let me know where i can find it!


When will the superior court of California, county of los Angeles get raises?