CHS-LASD bonus negotiations June 14. Union update June 15. Mark your calendar!

On Wed., June 14, union members from LA County’s DHS Correctional Health Services (CHS) and the LA County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) will return to the negotiating table. We will continue demanding that ALL staff at CHS, and ALL staff at LASD who work in CHS, receive the 20% retention and recruitment bonus.

Even the county admits there are only 250 CHS staff left out of this bonus. So, WE, the members – as SEIU Local 721 – will KEEP ON PUSHING! We ALL do the work – so, we must ALL be paid the full 20% bonus.

Our voices were heard loud and clear by the community through broad media coverage and we know that the LA County Board of Supervisors felt our presence. Union members will continue to present our case to the board deputies and to each supervisor of each district. ALL county districts are impacted; both inmates and workers suffer from deplorable health and safety conditions throughout LA County jails.

Federal Judge Dean Pregerson has ordered LA County to comply with safety mandates. On Tues., June 27, a public hearing will take place to hold the county accountable. If LA County does not comply, the judge will hold the county in contempt of court.

Until then – let’s continue to PURPLE UP and STICKER UP! Wear your SEIU purple and your “Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us” sticker at work – ESPECIALLY on Wed., June 14, when our fellow co-workers will continue the fight for ALL of us at the negotiating table.

The following day – on Thurs., June 15 at 6:00 PM – YOU ARE INVITED to meet with our Contract Action Team, or “CAT Team.” It will be on Zoom. Our union will report to all of us about the status of our negotiating and advocacy to the Board of Supervisors. MARK YOUR CALENDAR!

This is precisely the time when we must keep up the pressure and stand strong in solidarity with each other. It’s a critical moment for us. We can do this!

For now, purple up and sticker up … and we’ll send everyone more info soon about our big CAT Team meeting on Thurs., June 15!

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