We Marched on the Boss at the LA County Aging & Disabilities Dept.

Our LA County Aging and Disabilities (AD) Department SEIU 721 members have had enough.

After enduring the chaos and stress of the last three years, we’re facing yet another hardship that is threatening our job performance and wellbeing: management’s blatant disrespect of our union contract.

LA County management has violated our contract by unilaterally changing members’ schedules and removing opportunities for mobile work without first conferring with us. This behavior is unacceptable, and we won’t let it stand.

That’s why dozens of purple-clad LA County AD Department employees took to the streets of Koreatown on Wednesday, June 7th to demand management’s respect, including:

  1. A return to the bargaining table
  2. A commitment to promoting workers internally rather than relying on external hiring
  3. An end to unilateral changes to workers’ schedules
  4. A pledge to address health and safety issues in hubs and centers
  5. The restoration of mobile work options to all staff

Members from across LA County took time off work to picket, chant, sing, and dance outside the LA County Administration Building to show management that we have worker power on our side. Together, we made sure management could hear, see, and feel our presence by blowing whistles, ringing cow bells, earning honks of solidarity from passing cars, and bellowing chants like “Don’t Silence Our Voices” and “Respect Our Contract.”

We caused enough of a scene to have at least three LA County Sheriff cars called to watch over us as we peacefully, yet fervently, exercised our right to protest. Despite our show of strength, however, management refused to meet with us, only fueling our zeal and dedication to our cause.

This action was only the beginning. We will continue to fight until our voices are heard and our contract is respected. Together, we will remind the LA County Aging and Disabilities Department that we will not be ignored!

Stay tuned for updates. 

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